Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pathfinder Compatible Items

Coming in June 

PF: Conflict Miniatures Skirmishing RPG
$19.99 SRP

If you want player vs player competition—if you’re looking to provide your customers with a chess match that pits their wits against real-world prey—you want the Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook!

PF: Area of Effect Templates
$5.99 SRP

Area of Effect Templates are printed on transparency film. These templates are coated with a clear polyester base, making it dry erase or permanent markers friendly. Jot down the spell name and effects directly on the template. A swipe with a dry eraser, its ready to reuse.

Each package contains:
• Four different 30’ foot lines
• Three 15’ cones (two shapes)
• One 5’ radius
• One 10’ radius
• One 20’ radius
• One 30’ Cone
• One full-color Passcard

PF: Miniatures Skirmishing, Double-Sided
$39.99 SRP

Focused, Tactical, Player vs. Player Roleplaying for the pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Conflict-RPG is a table-top roleplaying game focused on tactical combat versus other teams and Players.

Everything below is included in the boxed set:
·A 122-page Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook
·The Balaneion Battlemap (24"x26" Side A)
·The Ancient's Atrium Battlemap(24"x26" Side B)
·Transparent Spell Area of Effect Cutouts (10 templates)
·Map Counters (5 pages)
·Passcards Pack (6-10 pages)

PF: Conflict False Peace Battlemaps
$19.99 SRP
These two over sized miniatures battle maps is symmetric balance to provide incredible strategic combat. Each in-scale structure is well-thought out and strategically situated to add different tactical dimensions to each Conflict Match or gaming session.

Though designed exclusively for the Conflict Roleplaying System, this map is versatile enough to be used with any roleplaying system that uses the standard 1 inch miniature grid (i.e., 3.5, 4e D&D, Star-Wars, Pathfinder).This map was designed at high resolution levels and is impressively clear.

Top, bottom, and side coordinates are include for the use of Passcards (Conflict Hidden Movement System). The coordinates are easy-to-read and easy-to-follow map points to add to the accuracy of your player's moves.

Map Features:
·Huge 24" x 36" Map
·Draw right on the surface with water-based pens and markers.
·Printed on 100# Text Stock (30% PCW /FSC Certified Recycled)
·Fade-resistant Inks
·UV Protected Glossy

New Additions from R&R Games

Arriving Soon

$15.95 SRP

2 or More Players
Ages 10+
It's a word game that takes wits, strategy and a bit of bluffing. Each round, players must add one card to the board. They can choose it to be a specific letter, or they can opt to make it WILD! But either way they have to make sure it fits, because sooner or later, somebody is going to have to face the music...do they add another letter and risk it all? Or is it time to throw down the gauntlet and challenge?
These letters can form lots of different words... or can they? Is it really a word or are people bluffing? Anything can be made out of DISORDER, but if it happens on your turn... you better be able to spit out the right word!
Contents: 120 Disorder cards, 60 scoring chips, game board.

$15.95 SRP

3-6 Players
Ages 12+

France, 17th Century. You are a Noble vying for control in the French court. Gather your forces and call in favors as you plot your rise to power. Will you support the King or incite Rebellion?

The key players include Generals, Musketeers, Lords, Clergy and even the Queen. Attract allies and eliminate enemies as you strive to increase your power and influence. Seek out Courtiers loyal to your cause. Protect Provinces or face Revolt! Use your Gold to bribe those whose help you'll need. Each turn you must reveal another of those who support you. Rebellion is in the air and when it strikes, the throne will be up for grabs. So go forth and grab the reins of Power, but BE CAREFUL...!!!   Push too hard and you risk Excommunication, Imprisonment, or worse... the Executioner's axe! The Fate of the Kingdom is in the Cards

OBJECT: Amass the most points to win control of the court.
CONTENTS: 125 Cards, rules.
DECK: Musketeers, Gold, Courtiers, Provinces, Nobles, Royal Advisers, Events, Special cards & the King.

Smarty Party Junior Expansion
$5.95 SRP

The Smarty Party JUNIOR Expansion is a set of category cards with topics that are geared to children ages 7 and up. Great for families!

Smarty Party Expansion Set #2
$6.95 SRP

200 all new categories in this expansion set to Smarty Party. Fans of this game have patiently waited while we handpicked each category and carefully ripened them until they were practically bursting with flavor. Now that long wait is finally over and they're ready for play!


Ticked OFF
$24.95 SRP

2-10 Players
Ages 8+
30 Minutes

In Ticked Off players bid that they know more items in a category than their opponents. But there's a twist. The players are bidding on a single known category, but right before the timer starts, another category is displayed, and players may choose either category. Interactive, fast paced and inventive.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Osprey Titles Cont...

Coming in July

Naval Aces of World War 1 Part I
$22.95 SRP

In the first of a two-part study covering all of the naval fighter pilots to achieve ace status during World War I, author and artist Jon Guttman examines the elite members of the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS).

The first to employ Sopwith’s excellent line of scouts, such as the Pup, Triplane and Camel, some of the RNAS pilots such as Raymond Collishaw, Robert A Little and Roderick Stanley Dallas rated among the most successful fighter pilots in the British Commonwealth. This book covers all of the members of the RNAS who ‘made ace’.

The Second Volume will cover the naval Aces from the other participants in the war.

Operation Pointblank 1944
$19.95 SRP

Operation Pointblank was the code name for the United States Army Air Force’s attempt to destroy German fighter capability through the use of daylight strategic bombing in advance of the D-Day landings.

Launched in 1943, the operation immediately met with severe problems, most notably the horrible attrition experienced by the US bomber forces. However, with the arrival of the P-51 Mustang, the United States was able to equip the fighters to fly on long-range-bomber escort missions and take the fight to the Luftwaffe in the skies over Germany.

This book examines the entire operation from both the Allied and the German perspectives, covering all the main decisions and technological innovations made by both sides in this epic struggle.

Horatio Nelson
$17.95 SRP

The most famous admiral in history, Horatio Nelson’s string of naval victories helped secure Britain’s place as the world’s dominant maritime power, a position she held for more than a century after Nelson’s death.

A young officer during the American Revolution, Nelson rose to prominence during Britain’s war with Revolutionary France, becoming a hero at the battle of Cape St. Vincent. He went on to win massive victories at the Nile and Copenhagen, before leading the British to their historic victory at Trafalgar in 1805.

But, in that moment of his greatest glory, Nelson was struck down by a French sharpshooter. Today Nelson is revered as an almost mythical figure – a naval genius and a national hero. He was also a deeply flawed individual whose vanity, ego and private life all threatened to overshadow his immense abilities. This book reveals the real Nelson.

Bill Slim
$17.95 SRP

'Bill' Slim was one of the greatest British generals of World War II.

In a career that stretched from 1914 until 1958, Bill Slim's greatest triumphs came in India and Burma in the long war against the Japanese. Thrust into a desperate situation, he orchestrated the longest retreat in British Army history in the withdrawal from Burma. He then turned on the Japanese in India, shattered their army, and pursued them to destruction.

Apart from his great military victories, Slim also left a legacy of training and morale building that endures in the British Army to this day. This book examines both Bill Slim’s military career and his place in military history by examining some of his greatest battles and the strategy and tactics that set him apart from his contemporaries.

Enduring Freedom
$24.95 SRP

This latest expansion for Force on Force provides players with everything they need to recreate battles in the deserts of modern Afghanistan.

Beginning with a detailed background section, the book presents extensive orders of battle for all of the combatants, including the Coalition, Northern Alliance, Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It also presents numerous new scenarios, new mission objectives and guidelines for constructing your own scenarios.

This book is an indispensable guide for depicting the complex and intense pressures of combat in Afghanistan on the tabletop.

Cities of Gold
$17.95 SRP

Follow Cortés and Pizarro in a quest for El Dorado or stand against the onrush of European expansion and colonialism with Cities of Gold, the sixth Field of Glory: Renaissance Companion.

With artwork, maps and historical overviews, Cities of Gold journeys from the mountain stronghold of Machu Picchu and the great city of Tenochtitlan, to the forests and lakes of North America and the deserts and jungles of Africa, to bring you the forces and foes of the Aztecs, Incas, Tuaregs and Conquistadors.

New Osprey Titles

Coming in July

Battlefield Angels (HC)
$24.95 SRP

Author, journalist, and USS Midway Museum spokesman Scott McGaugh reveals the riveting stories of the men and women who save lives on the front lines in Battlefield Angels, the first book about battlefield medicine in the US military.

Told from the point of view of the unsung heroes who slide into bomb craters and climb into blazing ships, this unique look at medicine in the trenches traces the history of the military medical corps and the contributions it has made to America’s health, for example, how the military medical corps pioneered the ambulance concept, emergency medevac helicopters, hospital designs, and contagious disease prevention.

McGaugh also details how the military medical corps has adopted medical science discoveries, field tested them in battle, adapted them, and proved their value.

World War II Soviet Armed Forces (2)
$17.95 SRP

In this second volume of a three-part series on the Soviet Armed Forces in World War II, author Nigel Thomas turns his attention to the mid-war period.

Focusing on the uniforms and organization of Soviet troops during the campaigns of the Caucasus, Stalingrad and Kursk, this book offers a detailed breakdown of all the armed forces which conducted the valiant defensive campaigns, including the army, air force, paratroopers, navy and NKVD troops.

It also covers equipment and insignia and the changes brought about by the new regulations of 1943.

Special Operations Patrol Vehicles
$17.95 SRP

The patrol vehicles used by Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq vary quite dramatically between the theaters as well as amongst the Coalition members, and have been developed and upgraded to meet the demands of the deployment.

Covering all the major Coalition nations, Leigh Neville continues his look at the elite forces deployed in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, with this analysis of their vehicles. Tracing the evolution of the vehicle types, from their historical precedents, through their designs to their operational developments, he discusses their advantages and disadvantages, along with their tactical employment. From the mine-protected vehicles used to counter the IED threat in Iraq, the use of Strykers as armored raiding platforms by the US Rangers, to the civilian vehicles adapted for military service by both Coalition troops and Private Military Contractors in the regions, this book uses rare in-theater photographs and color artwork to show the variety and inventiveness of the patrol vehicles being used in combat today.

Decaturs Bold and Daring Act
$18.95 SRP

On a dark night in 1804, Lt. Stephen Decatur and a team of hand-picked men, slipped into Tripoli harbor in a small boat. Their target was the USS Philadelphia.

Captured by the Barbary pirates four months previously, the Philadelphia had been refitted to fight against her former masters. Decatur’s mission was to either recapture the ship, or failing that, burn her to the waterline.

This book recounts one of the greatest raids in American military history, an event that propelled Stephen Decatur to international renown, and which prompted Horatio Nelson to declare it ‘the most bold and daring act of the age’.

Early Roman Warrior 753-321 BC
$18.95 SRP

The prototypical ‘Roman Legionnaire’ often seen on television and in movies is actually the product of nearly a millennium of military development.

Far back in the Bronze Age, before the city of Rome existed, a loose collection of independent hamlets eventually formed into a village. From this base, the earliest Roman warriors launched cattle raids and ambushes against their enemies. At some point during this time, the Romans began a period of expansion, conquering land and absorbing peoples. Soon, they had adopted classical Greek fighting methods with militia forming in phalanxes.

This book covers the evolution of the earliest Roman warriors and their development into an army that would eventually conquer the known world.

The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle
$17.95 SRP

The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle was the first rifled firearm issued to every soldier in the British Army, and gave the infantry a revolutionary increase in firepower.

First issued in 1853, the Enfield proved itself worthy during both the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny, where its long range, durability, and interchangeable parts made it a perfect campaign rifle. However, it was during the American Civil War that the Enfield saw the greatest use, with over a million rifles being sold to the armies of both the North and South. T

his title takes an in-depth look at the design, the history, the mechanics, and the use of one of the most important firearms of the 19th century.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Addition from Worthington Games

Arriving Shortly
Guns of August
$50.00 SRP

The Guns Of August simulates the first three months of WWI in the West, when mobility reigned and the fate of France hung in the balance. Game mechanics compensate for players’ 20/20 hindsight to encourage historically accurate play that makes “sense” in game terms while avoiding a “straight jacket” of special rules to force irrational play. Players maneuver corps and divisions through 9-mile wide hexagons in turns that span three days each. The game has two short 3 and 8 turn scenarios as well as a 27 turn campaign game. Playing time is from 30 minutes for the 3 turn scenario to 3 to 4 hours for the campaign game.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New GMT Games

Arriving Shortly

Combat Commander: New Guinea
$25.00 SRP

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #4 - New Guinea is the fourth themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander series of games. The theme of this fourth Battle Pack shifts to the actions in New Guinea from January 1942 through July 1944, following the major campaign phases with characteristic actions. CC -New Guinea features fourteen new scenarios printed on cardstock as well as six new maps.

No Retreat! The Russian Front
$60.00 SRP

1-2 Players
Ages 12+
60 Minutes

No Retreat: The Russian Front is a new deluxe edition of the two-player Victory Point Games 2008 CSR Award Nominee wargame that retells the story of the titanic struggle between the invading armies of Nazi Germany versus Communist Russia during WW2 at a player-friendly and manageable level of scope and difficulty. This edition combines both the original game and its two extensions (Na Berlin! and No Surrender!) using deluxe components of “Twillight Struggle Deluxe Edition” quality. With only 40 Army/Front sized counters for the Tournament game, and 70 for the whole campaign, and with very low stacking, it’s a quick-playing yet realistic affair that favours the strategic and offensive-minded player.
Each turn is alight with intriguing on-board challenges plus the surprise of card hand Events as players vie to win in one of three different ways.
In a skillfully blended collation of classic hex-based wargaming and modern card-driven simulations, No Retreat: The Russian Front stays truly story-centric, providing the proper feel of sweeping maneuvers, exploitation and encirclements across the vast steppes and forests of Russia. With a simple-yet-innovative economic model, players will also feel the growing might and sophistication of the Russian’s Red Army, and the degradation of the once-invincible German Wehrmacht, over the epic four year sweep of time that this merciless campaign was fought.
Neither side can afford the disgrace of yielding an inch of ground to their hated foe, so your orders are: “No Retreat!”

$55.00 SRP

1-2 Players
120 Minutes

Infidel focuses on the major battles of the early Crusades era between the Christians and the Muslims. This is a period that saw cavalry reign supreme, and pitted the European heavy cavalry – armored “knights” - system against the Eastern/Turkish light cavalry tactics.
Infidel is designed for quick learning and easy play. Game rules are short, there are no “turns” - play is Continual, with ample opportunities to steal play from your opponent - and combat resolution is a single dieroll.  Playing time is about 1-2 hours, per battle.
Infidel is also GMT’s gift to the gamer who enjoys playing solitaire. The system is designed for both individual and face-to-face play without any loss in insight or Fun. Each game is a "paper time machine" that allows players to see what happened in these famous battles and why.
The battles include:
* Dorylaeum (1097): The Crusader line of march, including the people’s Crusade and Peter the hermit, as well as all the great 1st Crusade Leaders, are “ambushed” by Kilij Arslan and his crack Seljuk cavalry.
* Antioch (1098): The exhausted, starving and depleted Crusaders – they had few horses left – have just taken Antioch and are now faced with a large Turkish army, under Kerbogha, sent to retake the city.
* Ascalon (1099): The Crusaders, having seized Jerusalem, turn south to fend off the suddenly active large army of The Fatimids, with their crack Mamluk heavy cavalry.
* Harran (1104): Baldwin II of Edessa seeks to maintain control of his little kingdom in northern Syria, something Soqman, atabeg of Damascus, is not happy to allow. One of the first major Crusader defeats.
* Montgisard (1177): Saladin attempts to destroy a small army from the Kingdom of Jerusalem with an army more than five times its size. Though there are only 400 knights, the Crusaders are led by the remarkable Baldwin IV, The Leper King. The outcome - one of the greatest Crusader victories. See if you can carry off this stunning upset!
* Arsuf (1191):The classic battle between Richard I Lionheart and the Ayyubid Army of Saladin highlighting the major facets of each army in an unusual moving battle.
Each game of INFIDEL includes:
* Two 22” x 32”game-maps, backprinted
* 2 sheets of counters
* Rules Booklet
* Battle Book
* Charts and Play Aids
* 2 ten-sided dice

Space Empires 4X
$65.00 SRP

1-4 Players
Ages 12+
180 Minutes

Space Empires is a game in the finest tradition of 4X space games - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Make no mistake. All four "X's" are included in this game. This is a wargame where the purpose of building your empire is not to feel good about your achievement, but to destroy your enemies and burn their colonies.
One difficulty in games of this genre is that they are often either overly simplistic or tediously detailed. Space Empires has been almost 20 years in the making and, during that time, many elegant solutions have been developed to keep the theme rich without a lot of rules. The game includes carriers and fighters, mines, cloaking, a very large technology tree, fifteen ship classes from scout to dreadnaught, merchant shipping, colonization, mining, terraforming, bases, shipyards, black holes, warp points, and non-player aliens, yet the rules are short and intuitive and the game can be finished on one sitting. This is NOT a game that is hard to get into. The playtest rules are only 8 pages long for the basic game and increase to 11 pages in length when the advanced rules are included.
Exploration is easy (well, easy for you, it is actually dangerous for your ships) and fun and reveals different terrain (such as asteroids and nebulas) which affect your movement and your combat. The map is mounted.
This is a game made by people who love the genre, but play other games too.
Four 5/8" counter sheets (704 counters)
One 22 x 34" mounted map
Scenario Book
Two Player aid sheets
One Pad of production sheets
Two 10 sided dice
Players and Playing Time:
1-4 Players
1-4 hours to play depending on the scenario

$55.00 SRP

2 Players
Ages 12+
60 Minutes

NIGHTFIGHTER is a game of air warfare in the night skies of World War II.
The game details the development of night fighting tactics over Britain, the Reich and the Pacific. Using a brand-new 'blind' play system, an umpire controls the attacking forces and moderates the player defender, who must find, fix and destroy the incoming bombers.
Nightfighter will recreate the tactics of night fighting, from the 'cat's eye' fighting of the London night blitz to the Mosquito intruder operations at the end of the war. Scenarios include Freya AN interception in the Dunaja dark fighting zones, Himmelbett zones, the introduction of AI radar, Wilde Sau and Zahme Sau tactics. The evolution of electronic systems and countermeasures is modeled, including the use of 'Airborne Cigar', 'Window' and 'Serrate'.
There is a huge variety of aircraft in the game, from early Do217s and Ju88 fighters, to advanced fighters such as the He219. Rarities such as the Ta154, Me262B-1a and the Japanese J1N1 Gekko will be included. Schräge Music ('Jazz Music') oblique gun systems are modeled. The Allies get 'cat's eye' Hurricanes, Blenheims with AI Mk IV radar, Beaufighters with Serrate and various marks of Mosquito, including the NF30 with the advanced AI Mk X radar. Pacific operations will see F6F-5Ns and P-61A 'Black Widow' fighters engaging Japanese bomber threats.
Each aircraft unit in the game represents a single aircraft. Each hex on the map is roughly 1 mile across and each game turn is approximately a minute of real time. The map represents the width of the bomber stream and displays dark fighting areas, searchlight zones and searchlight beacons. Play times for the game are in the region of 1 to 2 hours.
The final game contents will comprise:
Combined rule and scenario book, 28 pages
One 1/2" counter sheet
One 5/8" counter sheet
One 11 x 17" umpire's map
One 22 x 17" player's map
One 11 x 34" playaid sheet/umpire's screen
Four 6-sided dice

New from Fiery Dragon Press

Coming in June

Starship Tiles
$25.00 SRP

Compatible with Miniatures, Counters and Medallions!

You don’t have to be a space captain or alien overlord to design your own starship!  Now you can build one in seconds with these Starship Tiles.  With more than 30 five-inch full-color cardstock tiles, you can layout a floorplan for your tabletop game.  With a 1-inch grid, you can set up the perfect environment for your sci-fi minis or future-themed rpg scenario. Includes 4 pages of pre-designed floorplans that you can build or use as inspiration to create hundreds of additional designs.  Each tile is geomorphic and can fit together multiple ways.
And, as a bonus, we’ve included two fold-out space-themed battlemats AND a set of plastic starship medallions to continue the action with some ship-to-ship combat.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fantasy Flight New Boardgames

Coming in July

$34.95 SRP

Scofflaws are brawling in the streets of Deadwood. The railroad is being built, and to you and the other gangs in the Dakota badlands, this means one thing: cold, hard cash. As a cowboy on the wrong side of the law you know just how to take control of this shanty-town: threaten, fight, and kill off your rivals.

Deadwood is a board game of cowboys and control for 2-5 players, and is playable in 1-2 hours. Players control a gang of cowboys and send them into the vulnerable town of Deadwood to control businesses and collect as much money as they can. The player with the most cash at the end of the game is the winner.

The 26 possible buildings that can be constructed in Deadwood promise variety in each game. With three possible ways for the game to end, your every decision either to stay at a building, instigate a shootout, or build the railroad can change the course of the game. In the reckless and exciting game of Deadwood, there’s no telling the final outcome!

Rune Age
$34.95 SRP

Rune Age is an exciting deck-building game of adventure and conquest for 2-4 players.

Set in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth (Runebound, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Runewars, and DungeonQuest), Rune Age puts players in control of one of four races, vying for dominance in a world embroiled in conflict. With war on the horizon and whisperings of a prophetic storm approaching, now is the time to gather all your strength and set out to forge your place in Terrinoth’s book of legends!

Designed by Corey Konieczka, Rune Age is a unique deck-building game that centers around scenarios. Each of the four included scenarios presents different objectives for players, ranging from competitive to fully cooperative. Will you wage war against each other in search of the legendary dragon runes? Or will you pull your forces together and face the deadliest storm Terrinoth has ever seen? The choice is yours.

Red November Revised Edition
$34.95 SRP
Red November is a cooperative board game for 3-8 players (or 1-2 with optional rules), and is playable in 1-2 hours.

Control desperate sailors in a frantic race against the clock. Can you survive in the submarine until you are rescued? To prevent destruction, players must work together to complete tasks as efficiently as possible. Players act as the Gnome sailor crew, moving inside the submarine and fixing the most pressing problems or collecting items to help in repairs. Each movement and action takes a certain number of precious minutes and triggers the drawing of Event cards, which cause more disasters. Players must continue in this manner until the submarine is lost or rescued.

The revised edition of Red November introduces a larger game board, Item cards, and clarified rules. The larger game board allows a greater number of players more room and accessibility. The previous Item tokens have been transformed into Item cards, providing an easier handling experience, and eliminating the necessity to check reference sheets during turns.

$79.95 SRP

In an age of great battles, valiant leaders, and unscrupulous mercenary armies, fortune lies within your grasp.

Ventura is a board game of nobility and conquest for 2-4 players.

Set in 14th century Italy, Ventura puts players in control of warring noble houses, each vying for control of the countries growing wealth. Balance your house’s earnings and maintain your hired soldiers to keep your family’s noble standing. Remember, the best armies are also the ones that cost the most!

With more than 120 plastic pieces, 40 Territory tiles, 4 Family Boards, a scoring board, and over 100 cards, Ventura will whisk players into a world of warring mercenaries and noble families, all seeking control of Italy’s burgeoning wealth.