Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New from Konami! Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh Booster Display!

Street Date: September 16th!

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh Booster Display
$71.64 SRP

The greatest Duelists attract the most fearsome foes, and the legendary Pharaoh is no exception! Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh is packed with cards used by and inspired by the Pharaoh’s toughest opponents and their most exhilarating Duels from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series.

Sometimes a friend, more often an enemy, billionaire Duelist extraordinaire Seto Kaiba pushed the Pharaoh to his limits from the very first episode. His Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon’s signature move, Neutron Blast, is now a Spell Card that lets your own Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon attack 3 times in a turn – once for each head – without interruption! Duelists can also use knowledge of their own greatest rivals to their advantage with Lullaby of Obedience, a one-of-a-kind Spell Card that lets you play any monster you can name from your opponent’s Deck!

When the dust settled on the Battle City Tournament, it became apparent that Yugi’s mild-mannered schoolmate Bakura, possessed by the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring, was the Pharaoh’s true enemy all along. Fans have been requesting Bakura’s Dark Sanctuary Field Spell for over a decade, and now it’s finally here! While Dark Sanctuary is in play, every attack your opponent makes has a 50% chance of backfiring completely and damaging your opponent, plus you can also use your Monster Zones to complete the Destiny Board’s terrifying message and win the Duel automatically!

To free the Pharaoh’s soul from eternal imprisonment in the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi had to defeat him in one climactic Duel in Egypt.  Yugi’s Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician monsters from that Duel represented his own personal growth throughout the original series, and now, 10 years later, those monsters have grown up too! These new monsters can shush Spell Cards while their Attack Points grow and grow throughout the Duel, eventually becoming strong enough to take down even the toughest monsters Dueling has to offer.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll even find cards used by Maximillion Pegasus and Marik Ishtar, the Pharaoh’s final opponents from Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, respectively.

Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh contains 11 brand-new cards, and 46 cards in all: 24 Commons, 10 Rares, 6 Super Rares, and 6 Ultra Rares.

*Card names subject to change.

5 Cards per Pack
36 Packs per Display

Monday, May 23, 2016

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An important reminder: ACD warehouses are closed Thursday, May 26th and 
Friday, May 27th  for ACD Games Day. Make sure to plan your orders accordingly!

ACD is closed for Memorial Day and our ACD Distribution Blog 
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Pathfinder products from Paizo Publishing!

Street Date: August 4th!
Pathfinder: Horror Adventures (Hardcover, Full color)
$44.99 SRP

There are things that dwell in the dark places of the world, deep beneath the ground, in long-abandoned crypts, or in musty attics; terrible things that can destroy your body and shatter your mind. Few sane individuals would ever think to seek out such nightmares, but those that are drawn into the darkness often find it infecting them, corrupting them in ways both subtle and gross. Some think that those who die facing off against such horrors are the lucky ones, for the survivors are forever scarred by their experiences. Horror Adventures gives you everything you need to bring these nightmares to your game.

This terrifying 256-page hardcover book will take your game into the darkest reaches, where the dead hunger for the living, alien gods brood in dreams, and madness and death lurk around every corner. There are rules for players and GMs alike, giving heroes a fighting chance against the darkness that threatens to swallow them whole. Characters can take far more than a few hit points of damage, when their very sanity is called into question from witnessing horrors too terrible to comprehend. To face such nightmares, the heroes can take new feats, utilize powerful spells, and even acquire holy relics to aid them. They will need every edge they can get if they plan to survive the secrets of this book.

256 pages, Hardcover, Full color
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Goblins Fight! Class Deck
$19.99 SRP

The Licktoad goblin tribe has been gobbling up mutts and stealing humans’ stuff for years, and now they’re hungering to take over the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game in the new Goblins Fight! Class Deck.

This 109-card accessory contains three goblin weapon-using characters, plus enough dogslicers, lucky pet toads, and goblin artifacts to stab, shoot, slice, and chomp your way through any Adventure Path or Base Set. This deck can also be used in the popular Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play campaign.

110-card deck
Pathfinder Pawns: Pathfinder Society
$24.99 SRP

The heroes, villains, mentors, quest-givers, and nemeses of the Pathfinder Society are ready to take over your gaming table in this exciting collection of more than 200 pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG!

Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of one of the most famous characters from the Pathfinder Society organized play program and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and slots into a size-appropriate plastic base, making it easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures.

The Pathfinder Society Pawn Collection is the best way to ensure you’ve got the perfect player characters, allies, and villains to make your game more thrilling than ever!
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hell Comes to Westcrown (Hell’s Vengeance 6 of 6)
$24.99 SRP

Cheliax’s largest city, Westcrown, has fallen to the Glorious Reclamation, and the evil adventurers are sent to reclaim the city in the name of Thrune. Armed with the legendary weapon they created from a gold dragon’s head, the nefarious characters confront the Glorious Reclamation’s army and break their siege of a nearby Hellknight citadel. Once the army is defeated, the villains enter Westcrown, where they must undermine the chivalrous knights’ rule of the city. Finally, they must face the founder and Lord Marshal of the Glorious Reclamation to end the rebellion and restore the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune’s rule over the Empire of Cheliax.

Hell Comes to Westcrown is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 15th-level characters. The adventure continues the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path, a wide-ranging campaign in which evil player characters quell a rebellion to restore order to a wicked empire. Several new monsters, a gazetteer of the city of Westcrown under the Glorious Reclamation, ideas for further adventures beyond the bounds of the Hell’s Vengeance campaign, and the final installment of the Pathfinder’s Journal round out this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path!

96 pages, Softcover, Full color
Pathfinder: Bestiary: Pocket Edition
$19.99 SRP

What is a hero without monsters to vanquish? This 328-page book presents hundreds of different creatures for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Within this tome you’ll find fire-breathing dragons and blood-drinking vampires, vile demons and shapechanging werewolves, sadistic goblins and lumbering giants, and so much more! Yet not all the creatures in this book are enemies, for some can serve lucky heroes as allies or advisers, be they summoned angels or capricious nymphs. And it doesn’t stop there; with full rules for advancing monsters, adapting monsters to different roles, and designing your own unique creations, you’ll never be without a band of hideous minions again!

The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary is the must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. 
Pathfinder: Core Rulebook: Pocket Edition
$24.99 SRP

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a brave adventurer fighting to survive in a world beset by magic and evil. Will you cut your way through monster-filled ruins and cities rife with political intrigue to emerge as a famous hero laden with fabulous treasure, or will you fall victim to treacherous traps and fiendish monsters in a forgotten dungeon? Your fate is yours to decide with this giant Core Rulebook that provides everything a player needs to set out on a life of adventure and excitement!

This imaginative tabletop game builds upon more than 10 years of system development and an open playtest involving more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.
Pathfinder Module: Gallows of Madness
$24.99 SRP

Something wicked - and monstrous - is stirring around the rugged Isgeri town of Saringallow, where the hated legacy of noble Chelish diabolists runs deep. With the recent disappearance of apprentices, the nearby menace of particularly grotesque goblins, and the unsettling buzzing coming from the old Sarini estate, Mayor Sandra Trinelli only knows one thing: she needs help, and fast! The heroes must confront one of these crises - or all three - if they hope to stem the darkness that looms.

Gallows of Madness is a 64-page, highly versatile collection of three adventures for 1st-level characters. Geared toward beginning GMs and players while retaining challenging content for veterans, these adventures can be prepared quickly and run separately or in any order. Bonus content includes new monstrous foes and a gallery of NPCs to help connect the adventures, plus a gorgeous double-sided regional and miniatures-scale tactical map!
Pathfinder Player Companion: Legacy of Dragons
$14.99 SRP

For untold millennia, the humanoid races have dwelt alongside mighty wyrms. Dragons have helped raise - and destroy - great empires, and wherever they pass they leave a heritage of awe and power.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Legacy of Dragons delves into the ripples left by a dragon’s passing: the legends and philosophies left in their wake, the vendettas sworn against them, and especially the bloodlines they foster. Learn to think, move, and fight like these legendary beasts, and call out the untapped potential in your own blood. Dragons stop being monsters and become your first step toward personal glory with Legacy of Dragons!

32 pages, Softcover, Full color
Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Lost City
$14.99 SRP

Whether you are cutting away through a jungle in search of treasure or uncovering a civilization lost under the waves, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Lost City has you covered. Each side of the Flip-Mat features the ruins of a long-lost city, one hidden in the depths of a rainforest and the other on the ocean floor! Don’t waste your time sketching when you could be playing. With Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Lost City, you’ll be ready next time your players want to search the unknown!

This portable, affordable map measures 24” x 30” unfolded, and 8” x 10” folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, Pathfinder Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell’s Vengeance Poster Map Folio
$19.99 SRP

Set your sights on the diabolical empire of Cheliax with the Hell’s Vengeance Poster Map Folio! Plot your course to crush the opposition or locate the enemy’s armies with these three massive poster maps designed for use with the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path. These huge, lavishly illustrated poster maps display the borders in which the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path take place. The first reveals the nation of Cheliax, complete with its settlements and notable locations. The second map portrays the nation in a beautifully illustrated manner suitable for a museum’s walls. The final map depicts the empire’s capital; Egorian, City of Thorns.

Whether you need an overview of the nation or a gorgeous player handout, these beautiful maps are the perfect resource for the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path or any fantasy campaign.

64 pages, Softcover, Full color

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Trading Card Accessories from Pokémon America!

Coming in August!
Play Mat: Mega Mewtwo X and Y
$21.99 SRP

Keep your cards safe and looking great with these Pokémon Trading Card accessories! Each of these colorful, high-quality accessories is backed with the exclusive look of their Pokémon, and each one comes with official Pokémon Trading Card Game quality!

Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y TCG accessories power up for the final showdown!

Pokémon play mats are large, high-quality, 3 mm-thick neoprene; a step-up from any other play mat for Pokémon players!
Deck Protectors: Mega Mewtwo X and Y (65)
$7.99 SRP

All Pokémon deck protectors contain 65 sleeves -  perfect to protect your deck with style!
Deck Box: Mega Mewtwo X and Y
$5.99 SRP

These colorful deck boxes feature a snap velcro closure and two dividers.
Play Mat: Shiny Mega Gyarados
$21.99 SRP

Shiny Mega Gyarados TCG accessories show the power of the raging sea and the force of its fierce temper!
Deck Protectors: Shiny Mega Gyarados (65)
$7.99 SRP
Deck Box: Shiny Mega Gyarados
$5.99 SRP
Deck Protectors: Mega Gengar (65)
$7.99 SRP

Deck Box: Mega Gengar
$5.99 SRP
Mega Gengar TCG accessories get scary cool! Get ready to overtake your enemies and curse your foes!
Deck Protectors: Mega Lucario (65)
$7.99 SRP
Deck Box: Mega Lucario
$5.99 SRP

Mega Lucario TCG accessories show you are ready to rumble and see what cannot be seen by the human eye!

Friday, May 20, 2016

New Star Wars Armada: Imperial Assault products from Fantasy Flight Games!

Coming in July!
Star Wars Armada: Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack
$19.95 SRP

“The Emperor has sent an alternative solution.”
     –Grand Moff Tarkin

Coordinate your Star Wars: Armada fleet with the flotilla of Gozanti-class cruisers from the Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack!

The Galactic Civil War rages on, and so do the tactical fleet battles of Star Wars: Armada. In Armada, you assume the role of fleet admiral with either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, assemble your ships, and fly to meet the enemy. The combats are big and brutal, and your strategy must balance your focus on the objective against the destruction of your enemy.

With just one die in their left, right, and forward battery armaments, and no dice to fire from their rear arcs, your flotilla of Imperial assault carriers will not intimidate your opponent into surrender, but it more than makes up for its minimal firepower with its Fleet Support upgrades, which allow you to coordinate and support your fleet more effectively than ever!

The Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack contains two Gozanti-class cruiser miniatures, two ship cards, eight upgrades, one rules reference card, and all necessary components.

These expansions are not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars Armada is required to play.
Star Wars Armada: Rebel Transports Expansion Pack
$19.95 SRP

“All troop carriers will assemble at the north entrance. The heavy transport ships will leave as soon as they’re loaded.”
     –Leia Organa

The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces a flotilla of GR-75 medium transports to your games of Star Wars: Armada. In addition to its flotilla, which you can field as either a pair of GR-75 Combat Retrofits or GR-75 Medium Transports, the Rebel Transports Expansion Pack introduces eight upgrades, four of which feature the utilitarian Fleet Support icon. Relay commands to your larger ships with a Comms Net, or trail behind your largest ships with Repair Crews to keep them in the fight a bit longer. Clever use of the support your fleet gains from its Rebel transports can easily make the difference between victory or defeat.

The Rebel Transports Expansion Pack contains two GR-75 medium transport miniatures, two ship cards, eight upgrades, one rules reference card, and all necessary components.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New from The Upper Deck Company! VS System 2PCG: The Alien Battles!

Street Date: July 20th!
VS System 2PCG: The Alien Battles
$29.99 SRP

In VS System 2PCG, players choose a main character, build a deck with exactly sixty cards, and attempt to stun the other player’s main character in a game of superhero battle.

The release will include 200 cards of new content and original art, which cover all four Alien movies. Players can play as any of the major characters from the Alien universe or even as the deadly Xenomorphs.  The game can be played as a stand-alone or combined with an of the previously released VS. System 2 PCG products.

2-4 players
Ages 12+
20-60 minutes play time

200 cards per Box
1 Rulebook

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New from Force of Will! Vingolf 2 Series: Valkyria Chronicles!

Street Date: July 29th!
(Product images not available)
Force of Will: Vingolf 2 Series: Valkyria Chronicles
$40.00 SRP

To arms, soldiers!

Gallia is under attack, and the enemy is on our borders. The empire has come in search of ragnite and conquest, but they will find that only war awaits them. Join the legendary Valkyrur, descendants of an ancient race of warriors, and their friends across three generations of war. The Vingolf series of Force of Will returns! This time, Valkyria Chronicles takes the stage!

With Ruler cards, Resonators, Spells, and plenty of Magic Stones, this box set comes with everything you’ll need to join the fight!

255 cards total:
Rulers: 5 types
Resonators: 50 types
Spells: 15 types
Additions: 5 types
Regalia: 5 types
Magic Stones: 15 types
Bonus Pack: Foil 10 types

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New from Catalyst Game Labs! Shadowrun: Seattle Box Set, Crossfire: Street Legends and more!

Coming Soon!
Shadowrun: Seattle Box Set
$59.99 SRP

The core setting of the Shadowrun role-playing game deserves a detailed treatment that gives both players and game masters tools to make using the setting easier and more fun. With geographic details, plot hooks, a large collection of player cards, an innovative modular map system that can easily generate a wide variety of buildings in moments, and more, this box will immerse players in the tumult and chaos of the Emerald City.

Detailed information on the most popular setting in Shadowrun built for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Ages 13+

Shadowrun: Crossfire: Street Legends (Character 2 Expansion Pack)
$24.99 SRP

Shadowrunners are nothing if not individuals and Character Expansion Pack 2 gives you plenty to use in your Shadowrun: Crossfire game.

It includes a new set of upgrade stickers, adding options for making the exact character you envision, five street legend cards for players who want to leap into the shadows with a head start, and 20 standard character cards with new art for players designing runners from the ground up. You can hit the streets ready to take down any obstacles that dare rear their heads.


Encounters: Shadowrun
$29.99 SRP

Encounters: Shadowrun is a 1-8 player fast-paced, push-your-luck dice and card game.

Players take on the role of Mr. Johnson - a man or woman that arranges for ‘things to be taken care of’ - fixing the megacorps’ dirty work by adding new shadowrunners to their already-assembled teams.

Players then send those ‘expendable assets’ into the shadows of the mean sprawl streets of the Sixth World, fighting past magic, tech and more to collect resources and corporate secrets to defeat their rivals!

1-8 players
Ages 13+
15-30 minute play time

Shadowrun: Identity: Crisis (Novel)
$12.99 SRP

One morning, Oliver Martin wakes up to find he no longer exists, with no job, SIN, nuyen, or even a place to live. He’s been completely wiped from the Matrix, with a new identity replacing his. Only this one’s on Lone Star’s Most Wanted List, and Oliver’s usual morning turns into the first run of his life. Boston’s mean streets hold the keys to Oliver’s fight to reclaim himself and discover who’s behind his redacted identity.

Falling in with a shadowrun team, he uncovers a conspiracy within MIT&T that could bring down the corporate walls of the city before it’s through and take him right along with it.

Author: Phaedra Weldon

330 pages, Paperback

BattleTech: Historical: First Succession War
$34.99 SRP

In 2784, the departure of General Alexsandr Kerensky and the remnants of the SLDF from known space leaves the Inner Sphere balanced on a knife-edge. With no Star League to keep the House Lords in check, greed, ambition and old grudges come to the fore once more, propelling the five remaining Great Houses into a war that threatens human civilization itself: The First Succession War.

First Succession War describes the most devastating conflict ever fought by mankind as the five Great Houses battle for supremacy in the ruins of the Star League.

Covering the collapse of the Star League, the militarization of the Inner Sphere and the horrors that ensued, this volume provides a detailed look at the major actions of the war, the motivations of its participants, and the deadly consequences of their decisions.

200 Black and white, Paperback