Friday, November 30, 2012

Escape: The Curse of the Temple by Queen Games!

December 5th official Street Date!

Escape: The Curse of the Temple
$ 49.95 SRP

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is a cooperative game in which players must escape from a temple which is cursed before the temple collapses and kills one or more explorers, thereby causing everyone to lose.
Escape is played in real-time, with all players rolling dice and taking actions simultaneously. You must roll the right symbols to enter a room, and if you're at an open doorway, you can roll to reveal the next tile in the stack and add it to that doorway. Some rooms contain combinations of red and blue symbols, and if you (possibly working with other players in the same room) roll enough red or blue symbols, you "discover" magic gems, moving them from a separate gem depot onto that tile.

The real-time aspect is enforced by a soundtrack to be played during the game. At certain points, a countdown starts, and if players aren't back in the safe room when time is up, they lose one of their dice.

Escape: The Curse of the Temple includes two expansion modules that can be used individually or together. With the "Treasures" module, some rooms contain treasure, and when you reveal such a room, you place a face-down treasure chest on the tile. Roll the symbols on that chest tile, and you claim the treasure for use later: a key lets you teleport anywhere, a path lets you connect two rooms that otherwise have no door between them, and a medic kit heals all players instantly (putting black dice back into play). With the "Curses" module, some tiles "curse" players by forcing them to place one hand on their head, keep mute during play, or otherwise do what you wouldn't want to do while escaping a temple!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Navy SEALs game from US Game Systems!

Coming Soon!

Hooyah, Navy SEALs Card Game
$ 24.95 SRP

You are a Navy SEAL. You are trained to confront terrorists and insurgents. You deal with hidden explosives, snipers and other unknown dangers. In the darkness of the ocean's depths or the vastness of the merciless desert, you expect the unexpected. You're on a mission. You work as a dedicated team, relying on the skills of expert marksmen and suburb tacticians. Careful planning and precise timing improve odds of success, but unforeseen events could jeopardize the mission.

Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game is a cooperative game in which 1 to 4 players assume the roles of Navy SEALS trying to complete a real-life-inspired Special Ops mission. You either win or lose as a group. To meet the rigorous requirements of the mission, you must collect all of the Skills and Equipment cards required for each Op. All phases of the mission must be completed without the loss of life and before time runs out.
Contents: Mission Card Holder, 30 Health Tokens, a Time Counter Device, 75 Skills & Equipment Cards, and 75 Ops/Events Cards, and an illustrated Instruction Manual, which includes special rules for solitaire play.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New from Paizo!

Coming in December!

Map Pack: Ice Cavern
$ 12.99 SRP

GameMastery Map Pack: Ice Cavern contains 18 full-­--color 5 x 8-­--inch map tiles, stunningly crafted by cartographer Jason A. Engle, that combine to form a variety of frigid caves and chilly chambers perfect for arctic adventuring! Suitable for experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal. Wet, dry, and permanent markers erase from the tiles! Sales Points • The modular nature of GameMastery Map Packs allows Game Masters to customize their maps to better fit their own campaigns. • Map Pack: Ice Cavern is the 41st release in the popular GameMastery Map Pack accessory line. • Usable with any RPG or tabletop miniatures game, GameMastery Map Packs appeal to a wide audience of gaming enthusiasts.

PF Tales: Called to Darkness (Novel)
$ 9.99 SRP

Kagur is a warrior of the Blacklions, fierce and fearless hunters in the savage Realm of the Mammoth Lords. When her clan is slaughtered by a frost giant she considered her adopted brother, honor demands that she, the last surviving Blacklion, track down her old ally and take the tribe''s revenge. Yet this is no normal betrayal, for the murderous giant has followed the whispers of a dark god down into the depths of the earth, into a primeval cavern forgotten by time. There, he will unleash forces capable of wiping all humans from the region—unless Kagur can stop him first. From acclaimed author Richard Lee Byers comes a tale of bloody revenge and subterranean wonder, set in the award-­-- winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

PFAP: ShSt5: Into the Nightmare Rift
$ 19.99 SRP

With five shards of the Shattered Star secure, visions point toward one of Varisia''s most remote corners as the site protecting the sixth fragment of the powerful artifact. Yet the heroes are not the first to search for this shard—upon arriving at the ancient ruin known as Guiltspur, they find a small army of giants said to be ruled by a blue dragon already excavating the site. And as the heroes soon learn, there are other forces searching for the final shards from the Darklands below, and even from beyond reality itself, for Guiltspur lies dangerously close to the nightmare realm of Leng! Into the Nightmare Rift is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 13th-­--level characters. This volume continues the Shattered Star Adventure Path, including articles on Lissala, the ancient goddess of runes and fate, a gazetteer of the weird demiplane of Leng, and several new monsters (including Lovecraftian terrors like the nightgaunt) in the Pathfinder Bestiary. Author Bill Ward (Return of the Sword) continues a new novella in the Pathfinder’s Journal. Each full-­--color softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path volume contains an in-­--depth adventure scenario, stats for several new monsters, and support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the world’s oldest fantasy RPG.

PFCS: Mystery Monsters Revisited
$ 19.99 SRP

Know the unknown as you explore the lore and inner workings of the Inner Sea’s most elusive creatures in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mystery Monsters Revisited! Unravel the myths behind legendary creatures inspired by real-world monsters, like the blood-sucking chupacabra, the larger-than-life sasquatch, and the mountain-dwelling yeti—and discover how they fit into the award-winning Pathfinder campaign setting alongside such infamous favorites as the equine Sandpoint Devil and disaster-heralding mothman. Each mystery monster includes examples of its misdeeds, evidence the fiend leaves in its wake, and a sample stat block of an especially nefarious version of the beast. In a world where little is as it seems and the monsters are always one step ahead of their pursuers, get the upper hand with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mystery Monsters Revisited! By Richard Pett, Anthony Pryor, Amber E. Scott, Ray Vallese

PFPC: Blood of the Night
$ 10.99 SRP

Become a child of darkness with Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Night! All of Golarion's most infamous vampiric races take center stage in this guide to tracking, hunting, and playing the aristocracy of the undead. Join your next campaign as a day-walking dhampir from a variety of vampiric heritages, or infect your game with the vampiric curse as a full-blooded jiang-shi, moroi, nosferatu, or vetala vampire—complete with details on how to integrate such deadly and deathly characters into existing campaigns. Add a true thirst for blood to your characters with new rules for vampiric hunger, along with new powers associated with the most ravenous undead. Or, for true children of the light, expand your arsenal with the latest and most effective in undead-fighting gear, tactics, and character options. A silent war rages in Golarion's shadows, with Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Night, it's time for you to choose sides! Written by Tork Shaw. Each 32-page Pathfinder Player Companion contains several player-focused articles exploring the volume’s theme as well as short articles with innovative new rules for all types of characters, as well as traits to better anchor the player to the campaign.

PFPC: People of the North
$ 10.99 SRP

Rugged lands and merciless cold breeds hard, cunning people who do what they must to survive. Such are the ways of the northlands of the Inner Sea region, and the fierce people of the deadly nations of Irrisen, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Learn the secrets of these brutal frontiers, whether as a master of icy magic, a hunter who tracks through the fiercest polar blizzards, or as one of the region’s cunning natives, like the Ulfen vikings, savage Kellids, Erutaki hunters, or mysterious Snowcaster elves. The lands, people, magic, and secrets of this brutal frontier are yours to discover with Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the North. Written by Paizo Staff. Each 32-page Pathfinder Player Companion contains several player-focused articles exploring the volume’s theme as well as short articles with innovative new rules for all types of characters, as well as traits to better anchor the player to the campaign.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New from Osprey!

Coming in December!

Special Forces Sniper Skills
$ 24.95 SRP

Special Forces Sniper Skills is a hard hitting account of the men, weapons and techniques used to coldly eliminate high value targets on the battlefield. Though many books have become best-sellers through telling one side of the story – a sniper’s experiences, a training manual or a weapons catalogue – none before have combined the whole spectrum of a sniper’s life and skills into one gripping book. This book examines the role of the sniper, and the unique skills employed, when serving as part of a Special Forces unit including the British SAS, the US Navy Seals and the Russian Spetznaz. The book is illustrated with photographs of every aspect of the sniper’s trade and stories from the real-life experiences of the author’s comrades: men who have served in almost every overt and covert conflict since World War II.

The Pointblank Directive
$ 27.95 SRP

Where was the Luftwaffe on D-Day? Following decades of debate, 2010 saw a formerly classified history restored and in it was a new set of answers. Pointblank is the result of extensive new research that creates a richly textured portrait of perhaps the last untold story of D-Day: three uniquely talented men and why the German Air Force was unable to mount an effective combat against the invasion forces. Following a year of unremarkable bombing against German aircraft industries, General Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, commander of the U.S. Army Air Forces, placed his lifelong friend General Carl A. “Tooey” Spaatz in command of the strategic bombing forces in Europe, and his protégé, General James “Jimmy” Doolittle, command of the Eighth Air Force in England. For these fellow aviation strategists, he had one set of orders – sweep the skies clean of the Luftwaffe by June 1944. Spaatz and Doolittle couldn’t do that but they could clear the skies sufficiently to gain air superiority over the D-Day beaches. The plan was called Pointblank.

Vercors 1944
$ 21.95 SRP

Fighting insurgents has always been one of the greatest challenges for regular armed forces during the 20th century. The war between the Germans and the French resistance, also called FFI (Forces Françaises d’Intérieur), during World War II has remained a near-forgotten chapter in the history of these ‘Small Wars’. This is all the more astonishing as agencies like the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) and the American OSS (Office of Strategic Services) pumped a good amount of their resources into the support of the French resistance movement. By diversionary attacks on German forces in the occupied hinterland the Allies hoped the FFI could provide assistance in disrupting German supply lines as well as crumbling their morale. The mountain plateau of the Vercors south-west of Grenoble was the main stronghold of the FFI, and in July 1944 some 8,000 German soldiers mounted an operation on the plateau and destroyed the insurgent groups there. The battle of the Vercors was the largest operation against the FFI during World War II and the German’s suit and crushing victory has caused traumatic memories for the French that persist to the present day.

Austro-Hungarian Albatros Aces of WWI
$ 22.95 SRP

Austro-Hungarian industry produced a series of poor fighter types such as the Phönix D I and Hansa-Brandenburg D I during the early stages of the war, and it was not until license-built examples of the battle-proven Albatros and D II and D III began to reach Fliegerkompagnien, or Fliks, in May 1917 that the fortunes of pilots began to look up. Unlike the German-built Albatrosen, the Oeffag aircraft were far more robust than German D IIs and D IIIs. They also displayed superior speed, climb, maneuverability and infinitely safer flight characteristics. The careful cross-checking of Allied sources with Austrian and German records form the basis for a detailed reconstruction of the dogfights fought by the leading aces. It will also chart the careers of the Austro-Hungarian aces that flew the D II and D III, their successes and their defeats, with additional information about their personal background and their post-war lives in the nations born from the collapse of the Hapsburg Empire.

A-6 Intruder Units of the Vietnam War
$ 22.95 SRP

Designed in the years following the Korean War and then manufactured for over 30 years starting in 1960, the A-6 quickly became the most capable attack aircraft in the US Navy’s stable. The first squadron, VA-75, made its initial deployment directly into combat in south-east Asia in 1965, and, over the next eight years, ten US Navy and four Marine Intruder squadrons would conduct combat operations throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. After initial problems and a high loss rate, the type proved itself beyond all doubt as the Naval services’ best night and foul-weather platform, particularly during the region’s notorious monsoon season. The A-6 Intruder became a true classic of naval aviation over the skies of North Vietnam but the cost was high as 69 Intruders were lost in combat to all causes during the war. This work tells the complete story of these aircraft in combat during the Vietnam War.

Gladiator vs. CR.42 Falco
$ 18.95 SRP

Both the Gloster Gladiator and the Fiat CR.42 Falco represented the peak in the development of the biplane fighter, which could trace its lineage back to World War I. However, by the time both aircraft entered service in the late 1930s, they were already obsolete. Nevertheless, they gave sterling service on all fronts in the Mediterranean and Africa in 1940–41. Indeed, the CR.42 was the Regia Aeronautica’s staple fighter in both North and East Africa, Greece and over Malta in 1940–41, during which time its pilots routinely fought British and Commonwealth squadrons equipped in the main with Gladiator biplanes. Some bitter dogfights were fought between these two types as the Allies attempted to gain control of the skies over North Africa, Greece and East Africa. Both types were flown in the main by highly experienced pre-war pilots, and this in turn made for some closely fought engagements. The first known combat between the CR.42 and the Gladiator took place on 14 June 1940 over North Africa and the last engagement between the two types occurred on 24 October 1941 over the East African front.

Italian Medium Tanks
$ 17.95 SRP

Several factors delayed and greatly hampered the development of an Italian medium tank during World War II. The first was the strategic stance of the country, focused on a war against neighboring countries such as France and Yugoslavia, and ill-prepared for a war in the Western Desert. Since these European countries bordered with Italy in mountainous areas, light tanks were preferred as these were deemed much more suitable for the narrow roads and bridges of the Alps. Furthermore, development was hampered by the limited number of Italian industries, whose production was also heavily fragmented. All these factors delayed the development of the first prototype of an Italian medium tank – the M 11 – which would only appear in 1937 and did not enter production until 1939. Although technically inferior to their German and Allied counterparts in 1941–43, the Italian M tanks proved to be quite effective when used by experienced crews with adequate combat tactics. In fact, their major shortcoming actually proved to be their limited production figures. While production was limited, innovation was not and, between 1941 and 1943, several experiments were carried out on the Italian tanks that produced interesting prototypes such as the anti-aircraft semovente.

New from Lamentations of the Flame Princess!

Releasing in December!

LFP: The Monolith from Beyond Space/Time
$ 14.99 SRP

In the center of a valley that should not be stands a thing that cannot be. Those that go before the Monolith do not return the same as they left. Sometimes they do not return at all. The Monolith is a wild surreal horror adventure for characters of any level, from zero to infinity, for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games. Writing by James Edward Raggi IV with "The Owls' Service" by Kenneth Hite. All artwork by Aeron Alfrey.

LFP: The God That Crawls
$ 14.99 SRP

A murdering cult. A religious order dedicated to protecting sacred history. An ancient catacomb full of danger and reward. The God that Crawls! A dungeon chase adventure for characters of levels 1–2 for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New ninjago LEGO Watches and Clocks from Clic Time!

Releasing in December!

LEGO Ninjago Watch: Ninjago Kendo Cole
$ 24.99 SRP

The masters of spin-jitsu are here! LEGO® have created an iconic watch tied to the fantastic LEGO® series, Ninjago This watch comes with multi-colored, interchangeable links and an easy-to-read watch face that is not only exciting but also comfortable and durable. This LEGO® watch comes with accessories, which offer plenty of design possibilities. Kids can add links and bezels links to build their own unique watch. - Japanese Quartz movement - Scratch resistant mineral crystal lens - Extra watch links and bezel included - Water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet) - Includes authentic LEGO® minifigure - Battery included - Made from super durable poly carbonate

LEGO Ninjago Watch: Ninjago Snappa
$ 24.99 SRP

LEGO Ninjago Watch: Ninjago Lasha
$ 24.99 SRP

LEGO Ninjago Watch: Ninjago Zane
$ 24.99 SRP

LEGO Ninjago Clock: Ninjago Lloyd
$ 29.99 SRP

The masters of spinjitzu are here! LEGO® have created another iconic clock tied to the fantastic LEGO® series, Ninjago, featuring a detachable sword! The clock is fully adjustable and the time is displayed on a digital LCD screen with a backlight so you can easily see it at night. The snooze and backlight functions are activated by pushing down on the minifigures head. - 9.5 inches tall - Alarm clock - Snooze function - Fully adjustable - LCD screen with backlight - Battery included - Made from ABS

LEGO Ninjago Clock: Ninjago Kai ZX
$ 29.99 SRP

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New from Asmodee!

December 19th Release Date!

Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients Expansion
$ 49.99 SRP

The Seven are still struggling with their efforts to dominate the galaxy. While the conflict escalates, the leaders receive discomforting reports from the newly discovered sectors, from Sigma Hydrae to Theta Ophiuchi. The systems previously thought to be empty are suddenly swarming with Ancients – whole worlds of them, with ship capabilities way beyond anything seen before! They are not willing to negotiate. The former adversaries need to find allies among themselves to face the rising threat. At the same time new factions are trying to get a foothold on the galaxy and even overthrow the Seven. The times are interesting indeed. The Ancients are rising. Will your civilization rise above the others and emerge victorious? Features: •Four new species: the Magellan; Exiles; Rho Indi Syndicate; Enlightened of Lyra. •Rare Technologies. •Developments. •Warp Hexes. •6 basic new hexes. •Alliances. •New Discoveries. •7-9 player game!

Monday, November 19, 2012

New from GMT Games!

Releasing in December!

Space Empires Close Encounters Expansion
$ 59.00 SRP

Space Empires: Close Encounters is the first expansion to Space Empires: 4X .Alien races meet up close as they encounter each other for the first time in ship boarding engagements and planetary invasions with different types of ground troops. The strengths and weaknesses of each alien empire are brought out with roughly 20 unique racial abilities. The expansion takes advantage of the streamlined nature of the game system to add more technology and cool sci-fi things in very simple ways. While it is designed to be used as a whole, the expansion is modular and players can choose to use only the parts that they like.


C3i #26
$ 20.00 SRP


Fading Glory
$ 60.00 SRP

Fading Glory is the first game produced by GMT Games as part of the Napoleonic 20 game system from Victory Point Games. The Napoleonic 20 game system from Victory Point Games features lower-level wargame complexity on maps where, generally, 20 pieces or less are in play at one time (total, for both sides). This creates tense, dramatic and fast-playing situations on the board where higher echelon troop formations (generally corps) vie for position and dominance.

New Playmats from Action Sports!

Releasing in December!

Playmat: Nyx Greek Goddess by A. Lemmer
$ 14.99 SRP

This Mat is the twenty-fourth in the Artists of Magic line of play mats featuring the top artists in the business. It is a limited edition of 3500 mats* 24 inch by 14 inch

Playmat: Goblin Engineer by Scott Murphy
$ 14.99 SRP

This Mat is the twenty-fifth in the Artists of Magic line of play mats featuring the top artists in the business. It is a limited edition of 3500 mats* 24 inch by 14 inch

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New from X-Plux Products!

Coming in December!

Commander-In-Chief Territory Tiles
$ 15.99 SRP

A complete set of 64 Land / Sea Territory Tiles. Each Territory Tile is double sided and can be used as a 2 square by 2 square Land Territory Tile, or a 2 square by 2 square Sea Territory Tile to collectively create a game map.

Don’t forget the base game!

$ 39.99 SRP

Commander-In-Chief is a fun fast-playing abstract strategy war game in which a player's Air, Land and Sea military vehicles work as a unified Armed Forces assault team to "capture" their opponent's Commander. The board consists of a traditional 8 square x 8 square checkerboard grid divided into two Land areas separated by a Sea area. Vehicles are restricted to movement within their assigned battlefields: Through the Air, On Land and/or In the Sea.
Pieces transverse the board in a Chess-like manner. Play evolves, turn by turn, with each player analyzing the current battlefield situation, adjusting their game plan accordingly and executing commands (movements of the playing pieces) in a collective effort to achieve the game's objective. Certain Air pieces (Bombers and Helicopters) can Go Over pieces; likewise certain Sea pieces (Submarines) can Go Under pieces. Additionally, certain pieces (Bombers and Tanks) can Block. The complete Original Release Basic Training Game Rules include "Object of the Game" options, "Team Game Play" options and "Advanced Game Play" options. "Future" options will include new movements, expansion pieces, additional damage control options, new attack features, mini wars and expanded terrains as variants to the Original Release Game Rules.

Releasing in February!

$ 19.99 SRP

Po-Rum-Bo is a turn-by-turn card matching game with an intersecting twist for up to four players. Designed for ages 8 and up, Po-Rum-Bo is a Poker meets Rummy board game. Create 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straights & flushes and criss-cross them on a game board to outscore your opponent(s).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Swan PanAsia Card Sleeves from Mayday Games!

Coming Soon!
Mayday Games is bringing Swan PanAsia Card Sleeves to the United States!

Swan Card Sleeves: Mini Chimera 43x65mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Mini Euro 45x70mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Catan 55x82mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Std USA 57x90mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Std Chimera 60x90mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Std Euro 60x92 mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Std Card 65x90mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: 7 Wonders 70x110mm
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Felix, Lost Cities
$ 3.95
Swan Card Sleeves: Dixit, Gold 80x122mm
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Mini Chimera
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Mini Euro
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Yucatan 55x82mm
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Std USA 57x90mm
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Chimera 60x90mm
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Euro 60x92mm
$ 3.95
Swan Prem Card Sleeves: Std Card Magic
$ 3.95

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Star Wars Miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games!

Releasing in January!

SW X-Wing: Slave I Expansion Pack
$ 29.95 SRP

Originally intended as a prisoner transport, the Firespray-31 gained notoriety through association with some of the galaxy’s most fearsome pirates and bounty hunters, including the infamous Boba Fett. The Slave I™ Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ allows players to take advantage of the Firespray’s versatile armament and heavy armor plating, as well as a host of deadly new upgrades. Slave I comes with a detailed miniature, four pilot cards, thirteen upgrades, and all requisite tokens. New rules and a new mission further expand your games of X-Wing!

Key Selling Points • Command Slave I and the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, in the battles of X-Wing • Includes a detailed, pre-painted Slave I miniature at 1/270 scale • Four pilot cards and thirteen upgrades add to the Firespray-31’s versatility • New rules and a new mission further expand your games of X-Wing.

SW: X-Wing: Millennium Falcon Exp Pack
$ 29.95 SRP

Fly the legendary Millennium Falcon into fast-paced battles for the fate of the galaxy! The Millennium Falcon™ Expansion Pack for the X-Wing™ Miniatures Game allows players to blast through hyperspace with Han, Chewie, Lando, and more. The Millennium Falcon comes with four pilot cards, fourteen upgrades, and all requisite tokens. New rules expand the X-Wing galaxy to include large ships and modifications. With its pilots, upgrades, and lovingly detailed miniature, the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack is a beautiful addition to the X-Wing game!

Key Selling Points • The legendary Millennium Falcon joins the battles of the X-Wing Miniatures Game • Includes one detailed, pre-painted Millenium Falcon miniature at 1/270 scale • Four ship cards allow you to pilot the Falcon with Han, Chewie, Lando, and more • New rules expand the X-Wing galaxy to include large ships and modifications.

SW X-Wing: TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack
$ 14.95 SRP

Imperial players can add a lethal starfighter to their X-Wing™ squadrons with the TIE Interceptor™ Expansion Pack. The finest mass-produced starfighter of its time, the TIE Interceptor excels at dogfighting thanks to its heightened maneuverability, increased speed, and four wing-mounted laser cannons. With its detailed miniature, two upgrades, and six skillful new pilots that include the renowned Soontir Fel, the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack creates exciting opportunities for all Imperial X-Wing players!

Key Selling Points • Imperial players can field the finest mass-produced starfighter of its time in fast-paced space battles of X-Wing • Features a pre-painted, detailed TIE Interceptor miniature at 1/270 scale • Two upgrades and six pilot cards increase flexible squad designs.

SW X-Wing: A-Wing Expansion Pack
$ 14.95 SRP

Conceived by General Dodonna, the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor proved its worth by crippling Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor. Now this highly maneuverable starfighter adds another exciting dimension to Rebel squadrons in the Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game. The A-Wing™ Expansion Pack introduces one A-wing miniature with four pilots and five upgrades. Only the most talented pilots belong in an A-wing cockpit as they push the starfighter’s limits in the galaxy’s deadliest dogfights!

Key Selling Points • The highly maneuverable A-wing joins the dramatic dogfights of X-Wing • Features one pre-painted, detailed A-wing miniature at 1/270 scale • Add flexibility to your X-Wing squadron with five upgrades and four new pilots.