Friday, September 28, 2018

New Release from Wyrd Miniatures, LLC!

Order by Date: November 1, 2018
Release Date: November 2018

The Other Side: King's Empire: Field Intelligence
$45.00 SRP

A unit of Field Intelligence Corps, which includes the unit card and 9 models comprised of 5 different sculpts. They come on 30mm plug bases, which slot into the three 80mm Fireteam bases provided.

The Other Side: Abyssinia: Basotho Cavalry

$55.00 SRP

A unit of Basotho Cavalry, which includes the unit card and 6 models comprised of 3 different sculpts. They come on 50mm plug bases, which slot into the two 120mm Fireteam bases provided.

The Other Side: Abyssinia: Dreadnaught

$75.00 SRP

The Dreadnought is one of Abyssinia's machines of war. Manned by multiple gunners, the Dreadnought can wade into the battle and lay down an impressive amount of gunfire.

The Crushing Legs ability gives the Dreadnought an attack by simply moving, giving the chance to crush Squads under its feet.

The Mounted Gatling Guns attack is the Dreadnought's main attack, coming in at a solid Strength 3. The Action gives out a Pinned Token, slowing the enemy down and cutting off their reinforcements.

The Mask Trigger, Nimble, on the shot makes the Dreadnought have a good potential speed, allowing it to capitalize on its Crushing Legs.

Abyssinia Titan This includes the Dreadnought unit card, the Titan Assets, and 1 model on a 120mm plug base.

The Other Side: Gibbering Hordes: Armored Whelks

$55.00 SRP

A unit of Armored Whelks, which includes the unit card and 6 models comprised of 3 different sculpts. They come on 50mm plug bases, which slot into the two 120mm Fireteam bases provided.

The Other Side: Gibbering Hordes: Alpha Crawler

$75.00 SRP

The Alpha Crawler is the Gibbering Hordes' massive Titan. This model stands over 5" tall from his feet to the top of his body.

The Alpha Crawler, as a Titan, cannot benefit from the Endless Hordes ability, but it has other benefits. With an incredible Speed 7, it is able to quickly enter the fray and use its Gruesome Maw to bite into those that dare to stand in its way.

Perched on its back are smaller Gibbering Hordes crawlers, which can end up taking the blows from the Alpha Crawler, giving it great longevity on the tabletop.

The Alpha Crawler is a massive apex predator, and only gets scarier when it has Assets to boost its power further.

Gibbering Hordes Titan This includes the Alpha Crawler unit card, the Titan Assets, and 1 model on a 120mm plug base.

Monday, September 24, 2018

8Bit Box & more! New from IELLO!

Order by Date: October 1, 2018 
B&M Release: October 25, 2018
8Bit Box
$39.99 SRP

8Bit Box is a board game that will remind you the golden age of video games as each player has a gamepad to program their actions, using three wheels: direction, symbol, and value.

The base game contains three different games influenced by classic old-school video games.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

New Guild Ball: Cooks: Launch Pack from Steamforged Games!

Order by Date: September 21, 2018
Street Date: October 19, 2018
Guild Ball: Cooks: Launch Pack
$30.00 SRP

Designed to bring communities together to celebrate the exciting new Minor Guild, the Cooks, and give all coaches and Guilds a chance to join the party!

At a Cook’s launch party, all the Guilds want to get in on showing off their favourite recipes. In each game choose from a menu of meal cards to unlock, each one adds flavourful new abilities to your team for the rest of the game!

Filled with everything you need to create an unforgettable experience and then promote it, this kit makes it easier than ever to convert Guild Ball coaches into repeat customers.


  • Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen Launch Party Guide.
  • 2 Double-sided A2 Posters and Launch Party Sign-up Sheets
  • 10 Double-sided Coach Record Sheets and Launch Party Team Construction Rules Sheets
  • Limited-edition Alternate Sculpt Shank model
  • Limited-edition Alternate Sculpt Tenderiser model
  • 48 Limited-edition Alternate Art Cook’s Guild Player Cards
  • 2 Limited-edition Alternate Art Butcher’s Guild Player Cards
  • 40 Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen Launch Party Menu Cards
  • EO Thank You Voucher

Saturday, September 22, 2018

New Axis & Allies & Zombies and Betrayal Legacy board games from Wizards of the Coast!

Order by Date: September 20, 2018
Street Date: October 26, 2018
Axis & Allies & Zombies: Board Game
$40.00 SRP

In Axis & Allies & Zombies, a new take on the iconic World War II strategy board game, each player takes command of one of the major powers, joining either the Axis or the Allies. Players then fight for victory against the opposing faction and a terrifying new foe: zombies. In this game that features streamlined game play, curve balls like chainsaw tanks and zombie mind control rays, and a zany story line, will players survive the onslaught or succumb to the uprising?

2-5 players
Ages 12+
60-180 minute play time

Order by Date: September 20, 2018
Street Date: November 9, 2018
Betrayal Legacy: Board Game
$75.00 SRP

Betrayal Legacy marries the concept of Betrayal at House on the Hill — exploring a haunted mansion — with the permanency and multi-game storytelling exhibited by Daviau's Risk Legacy and other legacy games that followed. Betrayal Legacy consists of a prologue and a thirteen-chapter story that takes place over decades. Players represent families, with specific members of a family participating in one story, then perhaps an older version of those characters (assuming they lived) or their descendants showing up in later stories.

Why would people keep exploring a haunted mansion for decade after decade, especially when horrible things happen there? Curiosity, I suppose, or perhaps an ignorant boldness that comes from the belief that we know better than those who have come before. Look at all that we've learned, marvel at the tools we have at hand! Surely we'll all exit safely this time...

As with other Betrayal titles, the game is narratively-driven, with elements that record the history of your specific games. The tools mentioned earlier, for example, become attached to specific families. This isn't just a bucket; it's my bucket, the one my grandpappy used to feed his family's pigs when he was a boy, and while you can certainly use that bucket, I know how to wield it best from the time he spent teaching me how to slop. Yes, it's an heirloom bucket, and when kept in the family, I get a bonus for using it.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Blue Moon City & Sugar Blast! New from CMON!

Order by Date: October 1, 2018
Street Date: October 26, 2018

Blue Moon City

$39.99 SRP

Blue Moon City, once the capital of the land, has been reduced to rubble. The long war of succession is over, and the various people left in the city are looking to rebuild. They are working hard to return the city to its former glory. But
only one group will lead the reconstruction, and thus have the right to rule in this new age of peace.

In Blue Moon City, players are looking to restore the buildings of the ancient capital. Collecting together work groups from among the populace, they add their contributions to the reconstruction efforts. When a building is repaired, it gives bonuses to any player that helped, but a bigger bonus to the one that contributed the most. Those rewards can come in the form of Crystals, which are offered up to the central Obelisk. Once a player has made the required offering, they will ascend to leader of Blue Moon City.

  • 4 Miniatures
  • 40 Player Markers
  • Obelisk
  • 54 Tokens
  • 21 Tiles
  • 80 Cards
  • Rulebook

Sugar Blast

$49.99 SRP

Making sweet combinations can be such a blast! In Sugar Blast, players look to make connections between same-colored Candies to create Blasts! They must swap out two adjacent Candies to make a string of three or more of the same type. They can then remove the matched Candies and adjust the unique tilting board so that Candies slide down to fill in the missing spaces. Finally, they fill in Candies at the top from ones chosen randomly from the bag. The bigger the Blast they create, the more Candies they will earn for their efforts.

Players are going to look to make big moves, but must be careful not to leave valuable opportunities for their opponents. Players race to collect Candies and complete the Objective card. The first one to collect the necessary Candies will earn a sweet victory!

2-4 players
Ages 8+
30 minute play time

  • 24 Cards
  • 32 Tokens
  • Plastic Board
  • 72 Colored Chips, with Preassembled Stickers
  • Cloth Bag
  • Rulebook 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

One Night Ultimate Super Villains! New from Bezier Games!

Order by Date: October 15, 2018
Release Date: November 2018
One Night Ultimate Super Villains
$24.95 SRP
Unbeknownst to the citizens of Shady Grove, USA, a battle is brewing while they sleep. The most powerful heroes the world has ever known have converged to stop an onslaught of malicious super villains. The trouble is, these nefarious criminals are hiding in plain sight as residents of Shady Grove, so the heroes first have to find these treacherous evil-doers before it’s too late…

In One Night Ultimate Super Villains™, players take on the roles of heroes or villains, each with amazing superpowers that help further their cause. The vile trio of Rapscallion, Dr. Peeker, and Henchman #7 are intent on getting away with their crimes, while the members of the Super Club Of Overt Powers (SCOOP), are all out to catch them. Shady Grove… maybe even the world… will never be the same.

One Night Ultimate Super Villains is a standalone game in the One Night series that's perfect for the whole family to enjoy, challenging you to capture the baddies and save the world! Super Villains can also be combined with the other entries in the series - One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Daybreak, Vampire, and Alien - to create even more fun and chaos.

Dice Settlers & Teotihuacan: City of Gods! New from NSKN Games!

Release Date: November 2018

Dice Settlers
$59.95 SRP

Welcome to the New World, a land of opportunities and the home of the bold! With but a piece of land to call your own, your beginning might be humble, but a great path lies ahead of you. Your destiny awaits!

Dice Settlers is a civilization game of dice-based exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination:
  • Build and manage your pool of actions with a set of 52 custom dice.
  • Explore the New World, and create the board as you play.
  • Expand and extend your influence to lands discovered by your opponents.
  • Choose from among 55 technologies to aid you during the game, or help you score more points at its end.
  • Face off against your friends, or against a challenging automated opponent.

You may start small, but it is up to you, to make the New World your home – and to forge a nation!

1-4 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time


$49.95 SRP

Travel back in time to the greatest city in Mesoamerica, and become a part of its history. Witness the glory and the of the powerful pre-Columbian civilization, and become the builder of the magnificent Pyramid of the Sun!

Teotihuacan: City of Gods is a strategic game of resource and worker management:
  • Manage a group of worker dice who become more experienced – and effective – as the game progresses.
  • Build a different board and start with varied resources and bonuses every time you play.
  • Raise the Pyramid of the Sun, build houses, climb temples to secure the favour of the gods.
  • Develop the perfect set of technologies to bolster your strategy.
  • Set a different path to victory every time you play.
  • Challenge your friends or a simple but robust automated opponent.

Strategize, adapt and become the most influential figure in Teotihuacan: City of Gods.

1-4 players
Ages 14+
90-120 minute play time