Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pathfinder Compatible Items

Coming in June 

PF: Conflict Miniatures Skirmishing RPG
$19.99 SRP

If you want player vs player competition—if you’re looking to provide your customers with a chess match that pits their wits against real-world prey—you want the Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook!

PF: Area of Effect Templates
$5.99 SRP

Area of Effect Templates are printed on transparency film. These templates are coated with a clear polyester base, making it dry erase or permanent markers friendly. Jot down the spell name and effects directly on the template. A swipe with a dry eraser, its ready to reuse.

Each package contains:
• Four different 30’ foot lines
• Three 15’ cones (two shapes)
• One 5’ radius
• One 10’ radius
• One 20’ radius
• One 30’ Cone
• One full-color Passcard

PF: Miniatures Skirmishing, Double-Sided
$39.99 SRP

Focused, Tactical, Player vs. Player Roleplaying for the pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Conflict-RPG is a table-top roleplaying game focused on tactical combat versus other teams and Players.

Everything below is included in the boxed set:
·A 122-page Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook
·The Balaneion Battlemap (24"x26" Side A)
·The Ancient's Atrium Battlemap(24"x26" Side B)
·Transparent Spell Area of Effect Cutouts (10 templates)
·Map Counters (5 pages)
·Passcards Pack (6-10 pages)

PF: Conflict False Peace Battlemaps
$19.99 SRP
These two over sized miniatures battle maps is symmetric balance to provide incredible strategic combat. Each in-scale structure is well-thought out and strategically situated to add different tactical dimensions to each Conflict Match or gaming session.

Though designed exclusively for the Conflict Roleplaying System, this map is versatile enough to be used with any roleplaying system that uses the standard 1 inch miniature grid (i.e., 3.5, 4e D&D, Star-Wars, Pathfinder).This map was designed at high resolution levels and is impressively clear.

Top, bottom, and side coordinates are include for the use of Passcards (Conflict Hidden Movement System). The coordinates are easy-to-read and easy-to-follow map points to add to the accuracy of your player's moves.

Map Features:
·Huge 24" x 36" Map
·Draw right on the surface with water-based pens and markers.
·Printed on 100# Text Stock (30% PCW /FSC Certified Recycled)
·Fade-resistant Inks
·UV Protected Glossy

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