Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Smallville & Leverage Books

June 15th Street Date
Smallville: Watchtower Report, The
$34.99 SRP

It didn't end with the Wall of Weird. Mysterious projects, villainous experiments, and superpowered opponents have all risen to challenge Clark and his companions, and much of it can be traced back to LuthorCorp!

This Smallville RPG sourcebook is your guide for dozens of superpowered antagonists, abilities, and adventure hooks.

Leverage: Hitters, Hackers & Thieves
$34.99 SRP

If you have to break in, bust heads, or bypass a firewall, this source book for the Leverage RPG gives you the tools and tricks to do it.

Cutting edge technology, high-powered weapons, more fighting styles, and expanded rules for overcoming security measures and handling tech-heavy jobs.

Game Masters will enjoy the rogue's gallery of minions and mooks to throw in the path of the players.

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