Friday, September 28, 2012

New from SmartZone!

Coming Soon!

Hands On
$ 10.00 SRP

Ready, Set, Go! Nimble hands and sharp eyes will lead to victory! An action packed and fun-filled game. Great for the entire family. The moment a card is drawn, quickly imitate the card hands pattern. The last one is the loser! Be aware of any illogical hand combinations. Up to 8 players and even more. Can also be played in pairs. 64 decorated cards in a well designed card sized package

Cobra Twist
$ 24.95 SRP

A 3 Dimensional logic game that combines the classic Cobra Cubes with various challenge boards. Place the cubes on the boards to create 3D snakes that will keep you rattling for hours! Follow the clues on the challenge boards, and place the cubes accordingly Develops 3 dimensional logical and spatial vision 4 cobra cubes, 40 challenges, 1 base line card, 1 rules and solution booklet.

New from Looney Labs!

Coming in October!

Looney Pyramids – Treehouse
$ 16.00 SRP

Treehouse is a fast, fun, easy-to-learn game for 2 to 4 players, winner of the Origins Award for Best Board Game of 2006. Your goal is to rearrange your pyramids to match the set in the center of the table, using only the moves you roll on the custom die. Rules to a bonus game, Pharaoh, are also included, along with a colorful 24 page Guide to Looney Pyramids promoting the game system and 11 other games that can be played with the pyramids. Packaged in a pyramid shaped zippered pouch (5.5" x 3.25" x 3.25") with 15 pyramids, 2 custom dice, and instructions for two games.

Pyramid Primer #1
$ 6.00 SRP

Pyramid Primer #1 (10-pack)
$ 18.00 SRP

This 32 page book/magazine contains the full rules to all 13 of the games that are promoted in the Pocket Guide to Looney Pyramids which is included in both the IceDice and Treehouse game bags as well as the boxes of expansion pyramids. Two copies of this rules primer are included in the Demo Kit, so you have the rules to teach the games, and stores can buy single copies at their standard discount off the $6 MSRP – but we will also sell stores a 10-pack at a 70% discount off MSRP. At only $1.80 each stores can give one away with any large purchase of pyramids and/or use them as prizes at events!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Action Sports Playmat!

Coming in October!

Playmat: Faramir At Osgiliath
$ 14.99 SRP

This Mat is the twenty-third in the Artists of Magic line of play mats featuring the top artists in the business. It is a limited edition of 3500 mats* 24 inch by 14 inch

New from Coffee Haus Games!

Coming in October!

$ 50.00 SRP

Sheepland: A sunny land of rolling green meadows, lush forests, and majestic mountains. The peaceful, happy people of the island want nothing more than to roam the land with their fuzzy little flocks of fluffy white sheep. All is well and good, until somebody has the bright idea to put up some fences…Now the shepherds must compete for the most profitable lands to raise their flocks, driving the sheep to the lands they own—and fencing them in so they don’t wander off and join some other shepherd’s flock! And then there’s that strange black sheep that keeps showing up. His rare black wool is certain to fetch a pretty price in the market for the shepherd that can pen him in! Can you corral the finest herd in the best lands and become the richest shepherd in Sheepland? A sunny land of rolling green meadows, lush forests, and majestic mountains. The peaceful, happy people of the island want nothing more than to roam the land with their fuzzy little flocks of fluffy white sheep. All is well and good, until somebody has the bright idea to put up some fences…Can you corral the finest herd in the best lands and become the richest shepherd in Sheepland? 2-4 Players Ages 10 and up 30 Minutes

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New from Mongoose Publishing!

Coming in October!


Traveller: 2300AD
$ 39.99 SRP

2300AD games range from interstellar exploration and interstellar war, down to the gritty streets and the mega-cities of the human Core. This is a game about people, and their rise to the stars. Aliens are a part of the 2300AD milieu, but the focus of the game is on Humans. 2300AD strives to obey the laws of the universe as we know them. The stutterwarp drive, the technology that allows humanity to travel faster than light, is the sole departure from this. Some of the other technologies bend the laws a little, but that’s from the standpoint of the early 21st century. Three hundred years in the future is a long time. There are no blasters or laser swords in 2300AD, no magic anti-gravity or artificial gravity – just guns and helicopters, spin habitats and spaceplanes. At the same time, though, 2300AD is a game, not a hard-and-fast technical simulation. *The Traveller Core Rulebook is required to play 2300AD.*

Battle of the Denmark Strait
$ 39.99 SRP

The first in a new line of box sets designed to complement the ever popular Victory at Sea naval warfare game, Battle of the Denmark Strait provides everything you need to fight the first classic confrontation with the Bismarck. Inside are four 1/1800 scale warships with an exquisite level of detailing, including the Bismark, Prinz Eugen, HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales. All models come with an integrated and wave-textured base, resin hulls and metal detail parts, yet remain easy to construct and will be on your tabletop in fighting form in no time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New from Fun to 11!

Expected in October!

Flame War
$ 12.50 SRP

Flame War is a stand-alone card game where each player takes the roll of a forum administrator. Players start threads, post to threads, flame and troll each other, and eventually close down the threads. The player who abuses their internet powers the most by closing down the most active threads wins! Flame War was designed by veteran game designer Andy Chambers. Andy was a key designer at Games Workshop for over a decade, designing games like Warhammer 40K 2nd edition, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and more. Recently, he was the creative director for StarCraft 2. Flame War is the game he carried in his pocket to play with friends in bars, available to the public now for the first time.

New from Osprey Publishing!

Coming in October!

American Aces against the Kamikaze
$ 22.95 SRP

The Japanese High Command realized that the loss of Okinawa would give the Americans a base for the invasion of Japan. Its desperate response was to unleash the full force of the Special Attack Units, known in the west as the Kamikaze (‘Divine Wind’). In a series of mass attacks in between April and June 1945, more than 900 Kamikaze aeroplanes were shot down. Conventional fighters and bombers accompanied the Special Attack Units as escorts, and to add their own weight to the attacks on the US fleet. In the air battles leading up to the invasion of Okinawa, as well as those that raged over the island in the three months that followed, the Japanese lost more than 7,000 aircraft both in the air and on the ground. In the course of the fighting, 67 Navy, 21 Marine, and three USAAF pilots became aces. In many ways it was an uneven combat and on numerous occasions following these uneven contests, American fighter pilots would return from combat having shot down up to six Japanese aeroplanes during a single mission.

Sopwith Camel
$ 18.95 SRP

An icon of World War I aerial combat, the Sopwith Camel was a superb dogfighter in the hands of a pilot who could master its vicious idiosyncrasies. The first British fighter to be armed with twin machine guns, the Camel packed a considerable punch and was highly successful, notching up a considerable number of aerial victories. The Camel was a remarkable aircraft, and one that could perform in a variety of roles, including as a ground strafer, a night fighter and a carrier-based fighter. As newer, higher performance aircraft types were introduced and began to eclipse it, the dominance of the Camel declined and losses mounted. Nevertheless, Camels appeared over battlefields throughout the war and beyond, notably in the Russian Civil War.

Coronel and Falklands 1914
$ 21.95 SRP

Upon the outbreak of war, the British Royal Navy was deployed globally, whilst the Imperial German Navy was concentrated in two areas – Home Waters and Tsingtao, the home port of the crack East Asia Cruiser Squadron which, under the command of Admiral von Spee contained some of Germany’s most modern cruisers. As Spee made his way to the Chilean port of Valparaiso, he met the British 4th Cruiser Squadron which had been ordered to engage and defeat the German force. This resulted in the battle of Coronel where the antiquated British warships proved no match for Spee’s modern cruisers. It was the first naval defeat suffered by the Royal Navy in over 100 years. When news reached London, panic reigned and two ships HMS Inflexible and Invincible were sent to lead the force against Spee. When bad weather delayed the German arrival, Spee knew that he had to stand and fight, unaware that amongst the ships opposing him were two modern battlecruisers which outclassed any of his own squadron’s ships. Given the presence of Inflexible and Invincible, the result of the battle had an inevitable outcome and after several hours hard combat, Spee’s ships were defeated.

The Mareth Line 1943
$ 21.95 SRP

The battle of El Alamein saw the shattering of Germany’s hopes for victory in North Africa and from this point on the end was inevitable. In the six months that passed before the final surrender there was much hard fighting, as the defeated German and Italian armies sought to hold off the encroaching Eighth Army. Rommel, his health suffering, fought a number of major actions during this campaign before his forces settled into the pre-war French defensive position the Mareth Line. All the way he was pursued by an increasingly confident Eighth Army under the command of General Montgomery, although he was unable to outflank the retreating German and Italian forces decisively, and Rommel was even able to divert forces to inflict a sharp defeat on the newly arrived US forces at Kasserine Pass in February 1943. This was one of Rommel’s last acts in the Desert War as his health problems forced his return to Germany shortly afterwards. The stage was now set for the last great battle of the Desert War as the veteran formations of the British Eighth Army took on their foes in the Afrikakorps for one last time in the major set-piece battle for the Mareth Line.

Orde Wingate
$ 18.95 SRP

Orde Wingate rose to fame by creating the Chindits in Burma in 1943. He is an extremely important figure in military history, and deserves just as much attention as Alanbrooke, Montgomery, and Auchinleck. Unlike them, however, he always operated outside the accepted etiquette and the formal chain of command. He was a maverick and misfit, and he held to the belief that the type of mass warfare demonstrated on the Western Front (1914–18) had very little to do with the warfare of the future. He believed that the latter would require an 'indirect approach', in which heavily lumbering armies would be exquisitely vulnerable to small groups of highly motivated, mobile and well-armed guerrillas. This book covers Wingate’s experiences in pre-war Palestine, in Ethiopia in 1941 (where he formed an irregular guerrilla unit to harass the Italian garrisons) and in World War II Burma, where the two Chindit campaigns would be his apotheosis.

Meteor I vs V1 Flying Bomb
$ 18.95 SRP

A total of 10,500 missiles were launched as part of the V1 attack, of which 3,957 were destroyed by the defenses. Indeed, it could have been much worse, for by the end of the war the Germans had manufactured close to 32,000 flying bombs. The defenses put forward to guard against the V1 were formidable – 23,000 men and women with their guns, radar and communications networks were installed on coastal sites. Squadrons of Britain’s newest Spitfires, the F XIVs, and Hawker Tempest Vs were kept at home to battle the new menace. Rushed into action in July 1944 to help counter the V1 threat, Britain’s Gloster Meteor I was the first jet fighter to enter RAF service. On 4 August the Meteor scored its first V1 victory. Having just closed in on a flying bomb, its officer squeezed the trigger but his guns jammed. Using the Meteor’s superior speed, he was able to overtake the missile and, using his wing tip, he tipped the craft over and sent it crashing into the ground. The interceptions between the V1 and Britain’s Gloster Meteor were historic, and ushered in a new era of aerial combat.

Panzerjäger vs KV-1
$ 18.95 SRP

On the Soviet side, based upon lessons from the Spanish Civil War, the Red Army decided to develop a heavy “breakthrough” tank to smash enemy infantry defenses. This resulted in the KV-1 and KV-2 tanks, introduced in 1939. At the start of Operation Barbarossa, both these tanks were virtually invulnerable to the weapons of the Panzerjäger and demonstrated their ability to overrun German infantry on several occasions. This advantage gave the Red Army a window of opportunity between the fall of 1941 and the spring of 1942 to use their heavy tanks to repel the German invasion in a series of desperate counteroffensives. Yet the window of Soviet advantage was a narrow one and the duel between the Soviet KV heavy tanks and German Panzerjäger had a major impact upon the struggle for the strategic initiative in 1941-42.

Defense of the Third Reich 1941-45
$ 18.95 SRP

Starting in 1940, Germany was subjected to a growing threat of Allied bomber attack. The RAF night bombing offensive built up in a slow but unrelenting crescendo through the Ruhr campaign in the summer of 1944 and culminating in the attacks on Berlin in the autumn and early winter of 1943-44. They were joined by US daylight raids which first began to have a serious impact on German industry in the autumn of 1943. This book focuses on the land-based infrastructure of Germany’s defense against the air onslaught. Besides active defense against air attack, Germany also invested heavily in passive defense such as air raid shelters. While much of this defense was conventional such as underground shelters and the dual use of subways and other structures, Germany faced some unique dilemmas in protecting cities against night fire bomb raids. As a result, German architects designed massive above-ground defense shelters which were amongst the most massive defensive structures built in World War II.

Forgotten Sacrifice (HC)
$ 26.95 SRP

The story begins in October 1939, when Germany and the Soviet Union began diplomatic maneuvering. The action accelerates with Winston Churchill’s decision in 1941 to provide supplies to Soviet forces battling the German invasion and for five long years, thousands of men and women fought ferociously in the coldest corner of hell on earth. Some fought for survival, some struggled to help others survive, and some sought to crush their enemies. The Arctic Convoys were war without mercy. If man-made death didn’t get you, the Arctic’s weapons of ice and cold would. These natural weapons killed regardless of whose side you were on or how just your cause. No one escaped unscathed. Author Mike Walling captures the convoy’s bitter essence and reveals a timeless tale of determination, heroism, sacrifice, and the strength of the human spirit. Hardback

Iraq Full Circle (HC)
$ 25.95 SRP

From 2003 through 2010, more than 200,000 men and women were deployed in Iraq. For seven years, they fought ferociously in the blistering sands in the Land Between the Two Rivers. Some fought for pride or survival, some to bring democracy to a forsaken land that has known only tyranny and strife. Scores of books have been published about the war, most criticizing the strategies and execution. Some have been personal memoirs capturing the heroism and sacrifice. Here U.S. Army LTC Darron Wright, a proven combat leader, joins forces with author Mike Walling to lift the veil on the Iraq War, revealing the build-up of troops; the equipping, training, and planning; the capture of Saddam Hussein; the formation of the new Government; and the last patrol. Through vivid stories and military documents, this provides readers with a first-hand of the full conflict. Hardback

US 10th Mountain Division in World War II
$ 17.95 SRP

The 10th was the only US mountain division to be raised in World War II, and still has a high profile, being involved in operations from Iraq to Somalia and from Haiti to Afghanistan. It did not arrive in Europe until winter 1944/45, but then fought hard in the harsh mountainous terrain of Northern Italy. The division was special in a number of ways. Its personnel were selected for physical fitness and experience in winter sports, mountaineering, and hunting, unlike the rest of the infantry. It was highly trained in mountain and winter warfare, including the use of skis and snowshoes, while its organization, field clothing, and some personal equipment also differed from that of the usual infantry division. The division made extensive use of pack-mules, and its reconnaissance unit was horse-mounted, conducting the last horse-mounted charge in US history in April 1945. Featuring full-color artwork and rare photographs, this is the gripping story of the US Army’s only mountain division in action during the closing months of World War II.

Cumberland’s Culloden Army 1745-46
$ 17.95 SRP

In August 1745 Charles Edward Stuart, the ‘Young Pretender’, landed in Scotland and sparked the Second Jacobite Rising. The Jacobite forces seized Perth, then Edinburgh, where they proclaimed the Young Pretender’s father King James VIII; they trounced their Hanoverian opponents at Prestonpans and crossed into England, getting as far south as Derby before withdrawing into Scotland. Far from universally popular north of the border, the Jacobite army bested another Hanoverian army at Falkirk and besieged Stirling, only to be routed by the Duke of Cumberland’s army at Culloden in April 1746, a crushing defeat that ended any prospect of a Stuart restoration. Featuring full-color artwork depicting the distinctive uniforms of Cumberland’s men, this exhaustively researched study offers a wealth of detail of regimental strengths and casualties and includes an extended chronology that places individual units in specific places throughout the campaign that culminated at Culloden.

Last Ride of the James-Younger Gang
$ 18.95 SRP

It was the beginning of the end for the James gang. In the past ten years Frank and Jesse James had gone from unknown ex-Confederate guerrillas to the most famous outlaws in the world. A string of daring robberies of banks, trains, and stagecoaches had brought them fame, admiration, hatred, and a surprisingly small amount of wealth. In 1876 they planned their most daring raid yet—to ride hundreds of miles from their home state of Missouri to rob the First National Bank at Northfield, Minnesota. This book will tell the story of one of the most daring bank jobs in American history. With most of the gang being former bushwhackers, they used many guerrilla tactics in the planning and execution of the raid, yet failed because of poor discipline and their own fame, which meant that every town in the Midwest had their guns loaded waiting to fight off bandits.

British Light Cruisers 1939-45
$ 17.95 SRP

The light cruiser was a natural development of the sailing frigate – a fast multi-purpose warship that could patrol the sea lanes, protect convoys and scout for enemy battle fleets. By the inter-war period the need for this type of ship was even more important, given the increasing need for protection from aircraft, and the need to screen the fleet from submarines or destroyers. Wartime experience had shown that the British light cruiser was one of the most versatile types of ship in the Royal Navy, able to protect other warships, bombard enemy shores, guard life-saving convoys and intercept and destroy enemy warships. These were truly the workhorses of the wartime Royal Navy. While the battleships and carriers grabbed the headlines, these sleek, elegant warships quietly got on with the job of securing control of the seas.

MG 34 and MG 42 Machine Guns
$ 18.95 SRP

With the MG 34, the German Wehrmacht introduced an entirely new concept in automatic firepower – the general-purpose machine gun (GPMG). In itself the MG 34 was an excellent weapon: an air-cooled, recoil-operated machine gun that could deliver killing firepower at ranges of more than 1,000m. Yet simply by changing its mount and feed mechanism, the operator could radically transform its function. On its standard bipod it was a light machine gun, ideal for infantry assaults; on a tripod it could serve as a sustained-fire medium machine gun. During World War II, the MG 34 was superseded by a new GPMG – the MG 42. More efficient to manufacture and more robust, it had a blistering 1,200rpm rate of fire. Nicknamed ‘Hitler’s buzzsaw’ by Allied troops, it was arguably the finest all-round GPMG ever produced, and alongside the MG 34 it inflicted heavy casualties. Featuring specially commissioned full-color artwork and drawing upon numerous technical manuals and first-hand accounts, this study explores the technological development, varied roles and lasting influence of the revolutionary MG 34 and MG 42 machine guns and their postwar successors.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Expansion to Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 by Collins Epic Wargames!

Coming in October!

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Map Expansion
$ 55.00 SRP

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 and forthcoming Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front are fast-paced two-player tactical card wargames set in WWII. Expand your copy of Spearpoint 1943 AND Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front with the Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion! This expansion requires the cards from either base game of Spearpoint 1943 and adds new depth to the system, new situations with fictional intros by Mark H. Walker, beautiful Marc von Martial artwork, large die-cut 1" counters and 4" terrain tiles, printed rules/situation booklet, quick reference and score cards, and a gorgeous two-sided mounted 12"x36" Village / Defensive Line map inspired by 1943 Italian summer and winter terrain. Contents: 1 12"x36" double-sided MOUNTED Village / Defensive Line map 24 large 4" square die-cut double-sided Feature Tiles (Terrain, Obstacles, Fortifications, Buildings) 56 large 1" square die-cut double-sided tracking Counters 8 new Situations with fictional intros by Mark H. Walker (LnL) 40-page Rules and Scenarios Booklet 2 Quick Reference Cards 1 Score

Don’t forget the base game!

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943
$ 29.95 SRP

Spearpoint 1943 is a fast playing card game that uses 175 tactical Unit Cards, Command Cards, and Damage Cards to simulate plausible frontline combat at a fast pace. Play tense tactical Situation games or Standard games! Unit statistics based on years of research yield historically-plausible results with every battle. Non-CCG deck construction element with great expansion potential.

Fast-paced two-player 30-minute World War II squad-level tactical card game

New from Ares Games!

Coming in October!

LotR: WOTR Lords of Middle-Earth
$ 29.90 SRP

What if the Keepers of the Elven Rings had used their Rings of Power to challenge the might of the Dark Lord? What if the Balrog had risen out of Moria to bring fire and fury to the lands of the Free Peoples? What if the Council of Elrond had decided differently regarding the Fellowship of the Ring? With Lords of Middle-earth™, the first expansion for the War of the Ring™ Second Edition boardgame, players may explore these possibilities, together with many other ones, to create fresh gaming opportunities and new strategies. Important personalities, previously featured in the game only through Event Cards, are represented by specific figures and rules. New Characters include Elrond, Galadriel, Sméagol, Gothmog and the powerful Balrog of Moria, as well as alternate versions of Gandalf, the Witch-king and the Mouth of Sauron. New special Action Dice are included: Elven Ring Keepers dice for the Free Peoples player and Lesser Minion dice for the Shadow player. New versions of all the Companions of the Fellowship of the Ring are also included, to play the optional “Council of Rivendell” rules. As an added bonus, figures for Aragorn and Gandalf the White are provided, accessories to the game that fans have been eagerly awaiting!

LotR: WOTR Gandalf Card Box & Sleeves
$ 14.90 SRP

This updated version of the popular War of the Ring™ Card Box features new character art, with a great portrait of Gandalf the Grey and the symbol of the Free Peoples. For dedicated gamers who need to keep their War of the Ring™ Second Edition and in its expansions cards in perfect shape, this accessory is the perfect solution to store and protect them. Included in this set are: — 120 custom card protectors, fitting the tarot size cards used in the second edition; — an exclusive sturdy full color tin box using fantastic artwork by John Howe, embossed with the “War of the Ring” logo. The sleeves are also compatible with the cards included in the War of the Ring™ Collector’s Edition and in the Lords of Middle-earth™ expansion. Note: the previous version of the War of the Ring Card Box (WOTR005) is sold out and will not be reprinted.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New from Blackrock Editions!

October 17th Release Date!

BlackRock City
$ 24.15 SRP

You are the Chief of your group of outlaws and you must win a maximum of gold and silver by attacking banks and stagecoaches. You will have to be clever to estimate the number of outlaws needed to attack; and watch out for the Sheriff and your opponents!

This game is played in rounds. Each round, players bid on the right to perform the next bank robbery, using the members of there robber band (outlaws). The winner of the bid attacks the city, which will often net him some gold and give him new outlaws (by freeing them from prison). However, which city is attacked is determined by the difference between the winning bid and the lowest bid. So, bids from the other players will influence the winner's gains. The player with the second highest bid will attack the stagecoach and gain some silver.

The game ends when no player has an outlaw left or all players refuse to bid on a given round. The player who has collected the most gold and silver wins the game.

New Expansion to Space Empires by GMT Games!

Coming in October!

Space Empires Close Encounters Expansion
$ 59.00 SRP

Space Empires: Close Encounters is the first expansion to Space Empires: 4X.Alien races meet up close as they encounter each other for the first time in ship boarding engagements and planetary invasions with different types of ground troops. The strengths and weaknesses of each alien empire are brought out with roughly 20 unique racial abilities. The expansion takes advantage of the streamlined nature of the game system to add more technology and cool sci-fi things in very simple ways. While it is designed to be used as a whole, the expansion is modular and players can choose to use only the parts that they like.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New from Compass Games!

Coming in October!

The War: Europe 1939-1945
$ 150.00 SRP

WWII strategic level game. Although not a card driven game (and thus a good candidate for solitaire play), TW includes card play for the U-Boat War, Strategic Bombing, Espionage and Counter Espionage and naval warfare. The cards add elements of bluff and surprise more traditional hex-and-combat-table games cannot. TW isn’t a simulation and isn’t intended to be. It’s a "gamer’s game" with quick, user-friendly combat systems on land, in the air and at sea. Veteran gamers familiar with classic WWII strategic level games should pick up the game very quickly.

Nation In Arms: Valmy to Waterloo
$ 120.00 SRP

French Revolution and the legend of Napoleon in Europe, from 1792 to 1815, 24 years of warfare at the strategic level. Each game year is broken into four interactive, seasonal turns. Nations in Arms features a one-turn tutorial scenario, four epic campaign scenarios, and five smaller scenarios. 2 to 7 players

Medina de Rioseco
$ 40.00 SRP

The Battle of Medina de Rioseco, 14 July 1808, was fought during Napoleon’s War in Spain between two Spanish Armies under the commands of General Joaquín Blake and General Gregorio García de la Cuesta, and Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bessières in which the Spanish force was defeated after a closely fought, but determined assault by the French. Medina de Rioseco was the sole French triumph in the initial invasion of Spain, which failed to seize the country, ultimately requiring a fresh campaign by the Grand Armée under the command of Napoleon himself to (temporarily) secure Spain. Medina de Rioseco is the sixth game in the Eagles of the Empire series, and is a stand-alone add-in battle to Spanish Eagles (Talavera, 27th and 28th of July 1809, and Albuera, 16th of May 1811.) and is completely playable by itself. Medina de Rioseco features both a historical and alternative battle that allows players to recreate the engagement as it was fought or to bring in additional Spanish forces available but not present at the battle. Game design by Brien Miller and Mark Searle.

Coming back in stock in October!

Silent War
$ 75.00 SRP

Silent War is a solitaire simulation of the United States' submarine war against Imperial Japan during the Second World War. The scenarios allow players to recreate various stages of the war or the entire campaign. In each of these scenarios, the player takes on the role of Commander Submarines, US Pacific Fleet (ComSubPac), deploying available submarines from either Pearl Harbor or Brisbane in order to attack the Japanese Navy. Additionally, in the patrol game, using single submarines, players can recreate some of the war's most famous patrols. The amount of flexibility the game allows the player is tremendous, a single submarine patrol can be completed in 10 minutes, the various campaigns can be completed in 10 or more hours depending on which campaign you play and your progress as commander. Every American submarine that was deployed to the Pacific in World War II has its own oversize easy to handle counter in the game. Each counter has the correct side view illustration in color for that class of submarine. The game map covers the huge expanse of the Pacific Theater of submarine operations from the Aleutians to Australia and from Samoa to the Sea of Japan! The map encapsulates most of the information a player needs to play, with a unique set of easy to use graphic charts. The rules will have the player running his first submarine patrol within 45 minutes of opening the game box! Special rules include American torpedo improvement, ultra, submarine repair and readiness, wolf packs, campaign and combat events, war progress, patrol and search, TDC solutions, merchant shipping, Japanese battleship doctrine, two player rules and so much more! Can you as a submarine fleet commander best the historical submarine commanders and sink more ships and tonnage than the American commanders or will you wash out and be retired to a desk job? Can you bring the Imperial Japan to its knees with only limited resources at the war's start? Only three times in history has such a campaign been waged, and each time this cold strategy has inflicted immense loses on an enemy nation. But only once has such a battle been waged to complete and utter success. Can you replicate the American success? Maybe the formal instrument of surrender that ended World War II in the Pacific should have been signed aboard the USS Gato, not the battleship Missouri, for no type of warship in the history of naval conflict had so decimated an enemy state as the submarine. You can understand why by playing this unique and exciting solitaire game of Pacific World War II submarine strategy and combat! In each game you get: Beautiful graphic map of the Pacific, large colorful die-cut counters, rules and scenario books, easy to use charts and, above all, a time machine to explore this compelling Silent War…

New from Fantasy Flight Games!

Releasing in October!

Deathwatch: The Outer Reach
$ 39.95 SRP

Evil lurks in the darkness between the stars. Will you face it? The Outer Reach, a supplement for Deathwatch, explores the worlds beyond the grasp of the Achilus Crusade, including those held by the ancient Necrons. Meanwhile, this arcane tome gives players and Game Masters never-before-seen access to the enigmatic Dead Cabal, a mysterious circle of warrior-scholars who have devoted their lives to fathoming the unfathomable. Bring the light of the God-Emperor to the dark corners of the Jericho Reach! 

Key Selling Points • A supplement for Deathwatch that explores never-before-seen parts of the setting • Includes details on dozens of dead worlds, home to slumbering Necron armies • Give insight on the enigmatic Dead Cabal, a brotherhood of warrior-scholars sworn to uncover secret plots against mankind • Contains numerous world descriptions, stats on new foes, and engaging plot hooks

Dust Warfare: Campaign Book Hades
$ 19.95 SRP

The war for the doomed city of Zverograd heats up in Campaign Book Hades, a supplement for Dust Warfare! The pivotal battle has dragged on for months, and all three factions now seek any means of breaking the stalemate. Campaign Book Hades includes new unit stats, rules for superhuman characters, never-before-seen special abilities, and Tesla weaponry. What’s more, this jam-packed resource features the epic Hades Campaign, a long-term conflict in which players plan their engagements using a detailed overland map of Zverograd. 

Key Selling Points • A supplement for Dust Warfare that continues the tense struggle for Zverograd • Includes new unit stats for all three factions, plus rules for superhuman units and new special abilities • Features the epic Hades Campaign, in which players vie for control of a doomed city

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Mutants and Mastermind Handbook from Green Ronin!

Coming in October!

MM: Supernatural Handbook
$ 27.95 SRP

The Supernatural Handbook is a sourcebook of heroic horror for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game. It lays out the elements for a successful M&M game in which the strange and paranormal are true and a few lone heroes struggle against the Things That Go Bump in the Night. The Supernatural Handbook includes detailed information on character creation, horror-themed series, and adventure design, and a complete system for building your own supernatural menaces for your heroes to hunt (or to hunt them...). You’ll find hero and villain archetypes like the Curse-Burdened Adventurer, Noble Monster, Dark Emissary and Inhuman Juggernaut. The book also introduces the organization ARCADE (American Research Center for the Arcane Defense of Earth) and its agents, who wage a secret war every night. Join the fight against ancient evils and occult menaces with The Supernatural Handbook!