Sunday, July 31, 2011

Games of Thrones Boardgame Updated

Coming in November

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 2E
$59.95 SRP

The updated second edition brings a host of enhancements to your A Game of Thrones experience. It includes elements from the A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords expansions, including ports, garrisons, Wildling cards, and Siege engines, while introducing welcome new innovations like player screens and Tides of Battle cards. This, along with updated graphics and a clarified ruleset, means the time has never been better to take control of Westeros.

Fantasy Flight has stated:

We expect the timing of this release to be similar to that of Civilization last year.  That means that aside for the first shipment there will be little chance for you to restock this game and zero chance for us to reprint this game before the holiday season has passed.

This means our initial print run and your initial order are critical to maximizing this games success at the holiday season.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wizards of the Coast New D&D Products

Street Date September 20th

D&D: Mordenkainens Magnificent Emporium
$29.95 SRP

Few wizards know more about magic than the mighty Mordenkainen, whose arcane achievements are without peer. He’s the Archmage of Adventure . . . and no stranger to unearthing hidden lore. Stand aside, Tenser! Back to the books, Otiluke! Few can match Mordenkainen’s collection of magic items. Still, he hardly seems the type to settle down and open a magic shop.

And yet . . . Welcome to Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium, a wondrous collection of magic items—each one with a story to tell. This tome provides Dungeon Masters with a ready assortment of treasures to tempt greedy players, along with historical nuggets and alluring adventure hooks that set these items apart from your run-of-the-mill flaming sword or bag of holding.

This book adds rich flavor to the treasures and trinkets presented within, and a dash of inspiration for Dungeon Masters looking to liven up a monster’s trove. Hold on to your magic hats—everything must go!

D&D: Madness at Gardmore Abbey
$39.99 SRP

A thrilling heroic-tier adventure for characters of levels 6–10. This deluxe adventure takes heroes into the ruins of Gardmore Abbey, a monastery that was once the base of a militant order of paladins devoted to Bahamut. According to legend, the paladins brought a dark artifact back from a far crusade and stored it in their abbey for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey and take it back.

What the legends don’t tell is that this artifact was actually the Deck of Many Things, a force of pure Chaos. This adventure brings characters into the extensive dungeons beneath the ruins—dungeons that are warped and twisted with the raw forces of Chaos surrounding the cards of the deck.

  • Four 32-page books that present the adventure location of Gardmore Abbey, new monsters, enemies and allies, quests, and encounters
  • Two double-sided battle maps depicting dramatic locations in the adventure
  • A die-cut card stock sheet of monster tokens
  • A die-cut card stock sheet of dungeon tiles
  • A deck of 24 cards — 22 cards presenting the Deck of Many Things plus 2 Treasure Cards.

Friday, July 29, 2011

ACD Adds Techno Source!

Coming Soon

Retailers please note that ACD is the ONLY authorized Hobby Market Distributor of Techno Source! 

Tetris Link
$24.99 SRP

Tetris Link is based on the popular video game: Tetris.

Players drop blocks known as Tetriminos into a grid. They attempt to link same-colored Tetriminos together to earn points, while simultaneously blocking opponents from doing the same. Points are earned by linking three or more Tetriminos together, but points are deducted for leaving empty spaces in the tower grid.

The game ends once the tower is completely full.

Bubble Talk
$19.99 SRP

3-10 Players
Ages 8+

Bubble Talk is a new fast-paced family board game that asks players to match hilarious captions with funny pictures. A game that is as much fun if you are 8 or 80, the game begins when each player draws seven random caption cards. The judge for that round draws a picture card and players must quickly try to match the funniest caption they have to the picture. The player who makes the judge laugh the most wins that round. Each round provides comical, clever and creative results, guaranteed to keep everyone in the group laughing. Perfect for a small group of three or as many as eight players, each game includes 150 picture cards (4”x 6”) and 300 hilarious caption cards that allow for hours of game play.
Good Housekeeping – Winner of Best Toy Award 2010
Dr. Toy - Best Vacation Product Award Winner 2010;
Mom's Choice Award - 2010 Gold Recipient

New Pokemon Products

August 31st Street Date

PKM: B&W Emerging Powers Collectors Box
$9.99 SRP

Now you can have a brand-new place to keep your favorite new Pokémon!

In the Pokémon TCG: Collector’s Album Box, you get a Black &White—Emerging Powers mini-collector’s album to store up to 60 of your latest and greatest Pokémon cards!

Even better, you get two booster packs from the new Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Black & White—Emerging Powers, plus a specially selected foil promo card to start filling up your new album right away!

PKM: B&W Emerging Powers Mini Binder
$1.99 SRP

Pokémon TCG: Mini-Collector’s Binder (binder only): 1 mini-collector’s album to hold 60 cards and 1 sample pack with 3 cards from the Black & White—Emerging Powers expansion

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Expansion to Steam

Coming in August

Steam: Map Expansion #1
$24.00 SRP

The first of Mayfair’s expansions to Steam.

Offering three tracks in the same pack! One side has a map of the Mid-Atlantic United States. The other side has two maps: Belgium & Luxembourg and the Brussels Metro. These boards are sure to challenge Steams players with their region-specific rules and challenging topography.

Belgium & Luxembourg: An Expansion for 2 Players, Build an Importing Empire.
Brussels Metro: An Expansion for 3 Players, Develop Intercity Transit.
Mid-Atlantic US: An Expansion for 3-7 Players, Railroad Empires in the Civil War Era
Also Included: An Extra Steam Tile Sheet

New Gumshoe RPG Book

Coming in August
Ashen Stars (Gumshoe Sci-Fi RPG)
$44.95 SRP

Ashen Stars is the newest full-length, stand-alone GUMSHOE product from RPG legend, Robin D. Laws.

They call you lasers. Sometimes you’re called scrubbers, regulators, or shinestars. To the lawless denizens of the Bleed, whether they be pirates, gangsters or tyrants, you’re known in less flattering terms.

According to official Combine terminology, the members of your hard-bitten starship crew are known as Licensed Autonomous Zone Effectuators. You’re the seasoned freelancers local leaders call when a situation proves too tough, too baffling, or simply too weird to handle on their own. In the abandoned fringe of inhabited planets known as the Bleed, you’re as close to a higher authority as they come. In this gritty space opera game, the PCs are Lasers, freelance troubleshooters and law enforcers operating in a remote sector called the Bleed. They’re needed in the wake of a massive retreat by the Combine, the Utopian empire that colonized it. Amid the ashes of a devastating war, the lasers solve mysteries, fix thorny problems, and explore strange corners of space—all on a contract basis. They balance the immediate rewards of a quick buck against their need to maintain their reputation, so that they can continue to quickly secure lucrative contracts and pay the upkeep on their ship and their cyber- and viroware enhancements.

Featuring seven new and highly detailed playable species, Ashen Stars also contains extensive, streamlined rules for space combat, 14 different types of ship, a rogues gallery of NPC threats and hostile species’ and a short adventure to get you started in the Bleed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Gurps Book

Coming in August

GURPS: Horror
$29.95 SRP

What’s that behind you?

The new revision of GURPS Horror is an exciting approach to any kind of adventures old-fashioned Gothic horror; classic supernatural horror; Lovecraftian cosmic horror; and modern day J-horror, survival horror, torture horror, and splatter. Horror offers the Game Master spooky monsters and powers; rules for corruption, fear, and madness; and tricks for running scary-but fun adventures. Players can create and equip all kinds of heroes, from screaming victims to fearless monster-slayers. And everyone gets tips on cooperating to tell a memorable story – even if the characters don’t make it.

Whether you’re playing a one-shot zombie battle or a full-scale campaign against Things Man Was Not Meant To Know . . . GURPS Horror can jolt your game to unnatural life.

From the Manufacturers of Castle Panic

Coming in August
$19.95 SRP

2-4 Players
Ages 7+
20 Minutes

You and your friends are on a relaxing camping trip. But as you hammer in the last stake, you hear rustling. Bears are romping through the campsite! Who will survive the rampage? And who will be eaten by bears? Bears! is a fast-playing, competitive game in which you score points by pairing dice. Shoot bears and run from tents for a few points, or take a risk and score big by sleeping through the attack! But watch out! If Bears are left at the end of the round, your sleeping campers are done for!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New from Flying Frog Games

Coming in August

Fortune and Glory, The Cliffhanger Game
$99.95 SRP

1-8 Players
Ages 12+
60-120 Minutes

Fortune and Glory, The Cliffhanger Game is a fast-paced game of high adventure, vile Villains, edge-of-your-seat danger, and Cliffhanger pulp Movie Action. Players take on the role of a treasure hunter, traveling the globe in search of ancient artifacts and fending off danger and Villains at every turn in a quest for the ultimate reward of Fortune and Glory! Featuring a beautifully rendered adventure map of the world as the game board, eight pulp adventure Heroes to choose from, an army of ruthless Villains and thugs, ancient Mayan Temples to explore with a Zeppelin hovering overhead, a wealth of coins to horde as Heroes collect fortune and glory throughout the game, and a unique mechanic of dangers to create a pulp serial cinematic feel as the story and game unfolds. So strap on your adventure boots and goggles, fire up the engines on the seaplane, and grab some extra ammo for your revolver... the Nazis already have a head start and in this race for Fortune and Glory, there's no prize for second place!

Shattered Worlds Addition

Coming in August
SW: Hellfrost: Saga of the Frost Giants
$22.99 SRP

This book contains four epic adventures that can be run individually or used to form an episodic mini campaign.

By inserting these adventures into a campaign the gamesmaster has a recurring villain whose machinations plague the heroes from Novice through to Legendary rank. The campaign climaxes in a deadly battle inside a deadly frozen fortress.

Adventures contained in this book are: Shadow of Darkness, Siege of Watchgap Fort, The Heart of Winter, The Frost Giant’s Hold

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pathfinder Compatible Book

Releasing in August

PF: Psionics Unleashed
$24.99 SRP

Tap into the mysteries of psionics, using sheer force of will to allow psionic characters to let loose power to rival any physical force or magical energy.

Contained in this book, you will find the secrets of psionics, the magic of the mind. Contained within the pages of Psionics Unleashed you will find: Four 20-level psionic base classes: the Psion, Psychic Warrior, Soulknife, and Wielder Nine psionic prestige classes, including the Elocater and the Thrallherd Eight psionic races to create new characters, from the Blue, to the Elan, to the serpentine Ophiduan Dozens of psionic feats for psionic characters of all classes Hundreds of psionic powers, ranging from precognition to reality revision

Updated to support the rules of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Psionics Unleashed contains everything needed to easily integrate psionics into any campaign, including characters, items, monsters, and powers.

Europe History Game

Coming in August

Balance of Power
$39.95 SRP

It is 1815 and the World has been turned upside down. Napoleon Bonaparte has finally been defeated after nearly conquering all of Europe through years of devastating warfare. Now the Great Powers must deal with the chaos left behind. As each nation tries to expand, a careful balance of governmental, military and economic interests must be maintained.

In Balance of Power players carefully create and move Kings, Generals and Bankers as they capture territories and expand their empires. Only a player's skill and strategy stand between him and ultimate victory!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Dystopian War Products and New Nation!

Coming in August

New Nation! Covenant of Antarctica!

DW: Covenant of Antarctica Naval Group
$54.99 SRP

The enigmatic Covenant of Antarctica (CoA) is the world’s youngest and most unorthodox nation. Officially established in 1857 by its founder, the eccentric Britannian scientist-aristocrat Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon, the Covenant has caused seismic shifts in global politics and scientific advancement in the few short years of its existence.

The Covenent’s military forces are small, but thanks to their extraordinary grasp of technology, they command offensive power out of all proportion to their numbers. The divisions of their military, known as War Fleets, contain land, naval and air elements which work in concert like a well-oiled machine. There are currently thought to be some fifteen War Fleets in operational state, although several more are thought to be maintained as reserves.

Antarctican war machines are not radically different in function to any other nations’. Their differences lie in their quality. With superior materials technology and artificial crewmen, they are simply capable of operating at a much greater degree of efficiency than the equivalent machinery of other nations.

The CoA brings a new dimension to Dystopian Wars. Still steeped in the world of steampunk, this small but perfectly formed fighting nation brings state of the art technologies to the conflict. As a new nation to enter the world war with or as an additional fleet to add to your collection, the CoA is huge fun for all players of Dystopian Wars.

DW: Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Group
$49.99 SRP

DW: Covenant of Antarctica Carrier/Token
$23.49 SRP

This massive machine is one of the more advanced vessels in the CoA’s fleets. The relatively small number of troops of the CoA, coupled with the discovery of technology that allows aircraft to be remotely piloted, makes the Pericles Class Drone Carrier an essential asset for commanders to deploy.

The Carrier deploys 6 ‘drones’ and operates by watching its drone fly around the gaming table, eventually running out of fuel and ditching. A massive crane in the center section of the Carrier collects the drones and remounts them on to the six launch racks on the sides of the vessel.

DW: Empire of the Blazing Sun Ika Squid
$15.99 SRP

The Empire of the Blazing Sun has gone for a death from below option with this mechanical horror. The heavily armored body of this beast allows it to absorb punishment as it approaches and slam into the target. Weapons mounted to the tentacles allow it to engage enemy models.

The main body of the Ika is water-lined and made from high quality resin, and a water-lined base depicting the Ika submerged is also included, with the tentacles made from pewter. Each blister comes with one complete Ika and one submerged base.

DW: Federated States John Henry Robot
$24.99 SRP

This 5 part all-pewter model adds some heavy flying metal to any FSA force. The John Henry Flying Robot comes in a blister of two models along with two acrylic flight stands. So if you want some awesome aerial intimidation for your FSA force, stock up on John Henry - he’s eager for battle!

DW: Kingdom of Britannia Vanguard Submarine
$16.99 SRP

Britannia truly rules the waves with this hull-wrecking beast of a machine of war. The all-resin model comes in a blister that contains two of the naval brutes. There are four high quality resin parts: two representing Vanguard above the waves in all of its glory and two submerged, its razor sharp teeth ready to rip the keel out of any ship that is foolish enough not to get out of its way!

DW: Prussian Empire Metzger Class Robot
$24.99 SRP

One of the largest models in the Dystopian Wars game, Metzger is a killing machine that can prowl the battlefield looking for targets to destroy. The main body of the model is made from high quality resin and its arms are made of pewter. The joints are circular, giving plenty of movement to the model – just choose the arm location you want and glue. Metzger comes in two options: walking on land (2mm acrylic base provided) or wading through the water ready to engage any enemy shipping. The land version is sold as a single model, whereas the wading (water-lined) version comes as two resin-only models.

DW: Prussian Empire Metzger Class Robot Bases
$16.99 SRP

One of the largest models in the Dystopian Wars game, Metzger is a killing machine that can prowl the battlefield looking for targets to destroy. The main body of the model is made from high quality resin and its arms are made of pewter. The joints are circular, giving plenty of movement to the model – just choose the arm location you want and glue. Metzger comes in two options: walking on land (2mm acrylic base provided) or wading through the water ready to engage any enemy shipping. The land version is sold as a single model, whereas the wading (water-lined) version comes as two resin-only models.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New from Catalyst Games

Coming in August
SW: Street Legends
$44.99 SRP

Swap Bullets between shots, or Shots between bullets

At the end of a run, you’ve either got a good story to tell, or you’re dead. Live long enough, and you’ll get enough stories to fill a book, and some of them will be killer. There is a certain class of people out on the streets that runners love to talk about, the people at the center of the stories swapped late at night over a round of wiper fluid hooch. Some of them are good, some of them are lucky, and some of them are among the most powerful creatures of the Sixth World. All of them, in their own way, are legends.

Street Legends profiles forty renowned figures in the Sixth World, including JackPoint stalwarts such as Haze, Kane and Puck; classic runners like Serrin Shamander and Tommy Talon; and powerful behind-the-scenes figures including Lugh Surehand, Nadja Daviar, and the great dragon Lofwyr. Learn about hunting vampires with Martin De Vries, breaking into impossible places with The Smiling Bandit, and trying to put a face to the elusive Hans Brackhaus.

Street Legends contains short fiction bringing these characters to life, as well as text describing each person and what makes them a legend. Also, each and every person profiled has complete game stats. Even the dragons.

SW: Corp/Espionage Adventure 1
$14.99 SRP

No Further Information Available

BT Jihad: Final Reckoning
$29.99 SRP

In November 3067 the Word of Blake unleashed the Jihad: a war unlike any seen in centuries. In the furious campaign of terror and deception, billions have died, mighty armies have fallen and ancient empires have shattered. Yet heroes have arisen, the tide has fully turned…and the end comes.
Coming soon, three indispensable BattleTech sourcebooks will cover the last years of the Jihad and the founding of The Republic of the Sphere as humanity begins the painful process of rebuilding.
An unparalleled time of excitement you can participate in, in every game you play!

BT Technical Readout: Prototypes
$39.99 SRP

No Further Information Available

BT Technical Record Sheets: Prototypes
$9.99 SRP

No Further Information Available

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fantasty Flight Producing Novels

Starting in August
Android: Free Fall
$8.99 SRP

It is the future, and while the world has changed, crime has not. When an influential lawyer is brutally murdered at the top of the Beanstalk, a towering exoatmospheric elevator serving as Earth’s hub of interplanetary trade, Captain Rick Harrison reluctantly accepts the case. Harrison’s investigation soon leads him from the sprawling megapolis of New Angeles to the distant moon base of Heinlein, where he must search for clues amongst an uncooperative assortment of bioroids, clones, and disgruntled human laborers.

But Harrison quickly finds himself at the center of an ever-deepening conspiracy. Why did the killer apparently use a mining laser, an unwieldy weapon? What is the true connection between the victim and a powerful anti-android lobby? And on the hunt for a killer, a hardened cop is faced with the one question he never expected: What is the true definition of humanity?

Free Fall is the first novel based on Fantasy Flight Games’s Android, conveying a dystopian world of technology and corruption. This rich universe is masterfully brought to life by New York Times Bestselling author William H. Keith, winner of the H.G. Wells Award and multiple Origins awards, and the celebrated author of over 150 novels, short stories, and other published works.

Embers of Atlantis
$8.99 SRP

Powerful scions walk the streets of modern London, oblivious to their true nature. Unknowingly, they carry within them the spirits of reincarnated dragons from an age of high fantasy. As magic begins to emerge once more in the 21st century, long-dormant memories begin to flood the minds of these scions, reminding them of their mystical heritage.

Welcome to the world of Fireborn. Ethan Gallows knows things about his world. He knows there is magic, and he knows he wants nothing to do with it. Yet when he is sent on the seemingly menial job of filming a museum curator’s antique art collection in London, Ethan discovers that he has much more to learn. After witnessing a violent display of sorcery, ancient memories come rushing back to Ethan - memories seen through the eyes of a dragon. With minions of the Taint now seeking him for their own twisted purposes, Ethan must put his trust in Sojourner - a woman claiming to be a draconic scion. Could he really be a dragon of old, or is this some sort of fanatic conspiracy? There’s only one way for Ethan to find out.

Embers of Atlantis is the first novel based on the acclaimed Fireborn roleplaying game setting. Written by New York Times bestselling author Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance), Embers of Atlantis introduces readers to a modern world faced with the sudden emergence of magic.

Arkham Horror: Ghouls of the Miskatonic
$8.99 SRP

It is the roaring twenties – a time of jazz and gin... but a shocking murder has upset the tranquility of the small town of Arkham, Massachusetts. When the mutilated body of a student is found on the grounds of Miskatonic University, the baffled authorities struggle to determine who – or what – is responsible. When two more students go missing, is it the work of the same killer, or something much darker? While a Miskatonic professor seeks answers in the ramblings of an insane former colleague, nightmares of a terrifying sunken city plague his most gifted student.

Meanwhile, a down-on-his-luck reporter trawls the dark underbelly of the town for clues, and a bootlegger escapes a deal gone horribly wrong in possession of a strange, otherworldly device. Now, these unlikely investigators must come together to face horrors beyond comprehension as they seek answers to a mystery that threatens to destroy all they hold dear.

Ghouls of the Miskatonic is the first novel in The Dark Waters trilogy by New York Times Bestselling author Graham McNeill. Fans of Lovecraftian horror will be devoured by its gripping mystery, and Arkham’s dark legends will continue to haunt the imagination long after the final page is turned.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Dungeon Crawler Boardgame

Coming in August
Super Dungeon Explore
$89.99 SRP

2-6 Players
Ages 10+
90 Minutes

Super Dungeon Explore is an expandable strategy board game for 2 or more players, combining the fun of traditional dungeon crawls, with a unique retro arcade/video game feel, featuring authentic CHIBI anime heroes battling hordes of minions and huge monsters in a dungeon full of traps and treasure.
One to five players take the role of classic fantasy heroes like the human paladin, a dwarf fighter or an elf ranger. One player is the "Dark Consul" to control the monsters of the dungeon.
Every hero/monster has a character card which informs you about the stats for movement, attack, armor, willpower, dexterity, actions points and hearts (= life points). Additional information may include special abilities / actions / attacks and potions.
The game is played on modular dungeonboards. In a round of play the game passes back and forth between single heroes and the monsters, but the exact order may change from round to round. The characters use the stats from their character card, special dice (with hearts, potions and stars) are only used for combat and checks. If the heroes wound the opponent they may draw loot cards to improve their stats. There is also the possibility to open treasure chests to find even more powerful things. The monsters have no possibility to "level up" but the Dark Consul has an unlimited number of them.
To win the game the Dark Consul must defeat all heroes in his dungeon. The heroes must defeat all monsters and destroy all spawning points (= entry points for new monsters) to be victorious.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures New Releases

Coming in August

Young Lacroix (3)
$18.00 SRP


Malifaux Raptor (2)
$14.00 SRP

Pigapult (small box)
$35.00 SRP

Orphanage Accessories
$13.50 SRP

Orphanage Bases 30mm
$13.50 SRP

Orphanage Bases 40mm
$13.50 SRP

Orphanage Bases 50mm
$10.50 SRP

Upcoming Hell Dorado Releases

Coming in August
Hell Dorado: Jinx
$7.99 SRP

Hell Dorado: Bran Carnoth (Boxed Set)
$24.99 SRP 

Hell Dorado: Gilles de Rais
$14.99 SRP

Hell Dorado: Hashishin
$10.99 SRP

Hell Dorado: Grenadiers (2)
$11.99 SRP