Friday, May 20, 2011

Latest Catalyst Release

Expected in June

SR: Anarchy Subsidized - Horizon Avd. 2
$14.99 SRP

This second series of Shadowrun adventures brings the players to the energetic, dangerous, corporate driven city of Neo-Tokyo, where they're introduced to the seedier side of the entertainment industry as recruits in an ever-escalating effort to destroy the reputation of a rising music star.

BT: Wars of Reaving
$29.99 SRP

As the Word of Blake unleashed their Jihad, one enemy of the Inner Sphere remained in the shadows, riven by internal strife and dissent. As political and military alliances among the children of Nicholas Kerensky are broken and forged, the Clans turn inward as one Clan unleashes the unthinkable upon the rest. A war that reaches deep into the bloodlines of each; none are untouched. Those who survive will not speak of it. A war of Reaving. The Clans will never be the same.

Wars of Reaving details the long-sought happenings of the Clans after the results of the Great Refusal through the end of the Jihad, compiled from detailed reports culled from each of the Clans and others. Included within are personalities, equipment, units, and factions that all had a hand in the upheaval that enveloped the Homeworlds, changing them forever.

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