Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New USAopoly Additions

Arriving Soon

Cranium: Glee
$39.99 SRP
UPC 700304043702

Join the Glee club and hum, dance, act and mimic to become the ultimate Gleek!

Celebrate everything Glee with friends and family as you. . . SKETCH works of art like Puck; PERFORM like a star and act like Brittany Pierce; PLAY with words - give the definition of a Patriotic Wedgie; and SOLVE multiple choice questions like: What does Sue think Will’s breath smells like?

Enjoy this playful game that delivers Glee fun and laughter, and stretches the imagination every time!

Game includes: 16 Fun activities, 600 Glee-themed cards, 4 “Loser” movers, game board, 1 tub of “Cranium Clay”, Sand timer, 1 die, pad and pencil.

Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe: Super Mario
$19.99 SRP
UPC 700304044105

Celebrate one of the most popular video games of all time with two games in one!

Join Mario™ and Luigi™ and jump on power ups in the classic games of Checkers and Tic Tac Toe. Collectible Mario and Luigi hats as the “Kinging” pieces make this game as much fun to display as it is to play. Enjoy the quest to be “Kinged”! Game includes 12 Mario checker pieces, 12 Luigi checker pieces, 2 Mario and 2 Luigi hats for “Kinging” and double-sided game board.

Monopoly: Three Stooges
$ 39.99 SRP
UPC 700304043733

It’s time to wheel and deal with Curly, Larry and Mo, the kings of slapstick. Enjoy this classic game of risk taking and deal making as you compete to own memorable locations from the Three Stooges films.

Laugh out loud as you buy Moronika and Mildew College; sell Rutentuten’s Tomb and the Los Arms Hospital; and trade Gypsum Goode Antiques and the Cannonball Express. Don’t be a “featherbrain imbecile” and go bankrupt! This hilarious trio is yours for the taking!

“Step aside nitwit, I’ll show you how to do this.”

Includes six collectible tokens: Derby hat, Mallet, Seltzer bottle, Pipe wrench, Cream pie and Violin.

Slaps and eye pokes not included. “Woob, Woob, Woob!”

Monopoly: AC/DC
$ 39.99 SRP
UPC 700304043726

The AC/DC Collector’s Edition of Monopoly is the first and only game that combines the risk taking, deal making Monopoly game play with one of the most legendary and enduring rock ‘n roll bands of all time, allowing fans to vie for control of AC/DC’s most iconic albums and international locations.

Custom game board features 22 iconic AC/DC albums and locations, 6 collectible tokens.

Operation: Nightmare Before Christmas
$ 24.99 SRP
UPC 700304043566

It’s Oogie Boogie with a host of ghoulish ailments. Put on your scrubs and enter Dr. Finkelstein’s lab as you operate on the Boogie Man in this classic game of removeable parts.

It will take a steady hand to get rid of Oogie’s “crawling flesh”, “spider veins”, “snake eyes” and more. Watch out for Oogie’s revenge. If your surgery fails, Oogie will let you know. So, let the incision begin before Oogie dies laughing!

Game comes complete with totally custom artwork on the game board, 12 custom “Funatomy” parts, card deck and money.

Scrabble: Holiday
$ 29.99 SRP
UPC 700304044136
The Holiday Edition of Scrabble includes classic Scrabble fun with a festive twist allowing players to earn bonus points for words related to everyone’s favorite time of year.

Gift Tag cards add holiday cheer as players enhance their scores with directives for all new custom game play. Spell your way to victory with holiday-themed words including all of your favorite things. Can you spell F-A-L-A-L-A?
Trivial Pursuit: Classic Rock
$ 39.99 SRP
UPC 700304044099
Classic Rock Trivial Pursuit: We will rock you with this Classic Rock Edition of TRIVIAL PURSUIT.

For the first time ever, one of the most popular music genres is paired up with America's favorite trivia game so fans of all ages can get some satisfaction by showing off all they know about Classic Rock. With over 2,000 questions from six categories covering Classic Rock bands/artists, their history, music and more, there's enough trivia for fans of all levels.

So get your gang together and rock on!

Yahtzee: Family Guy
$ 19.99 SRP
UPC 700304043689

Family Guy Hindenpeter Collector's Edition Yahtzee measures about 6-inches long and game's custom dice feature your favorite Quahog characters from the hit animated series Family Guy! Also features a collectible dice cup. Order yours today! 

Yahtzee: Glee
$ 19.99 SRP
Gleek out with America’s all-time #1 dice game! Shake up the dice in the custom dice cup and watch the characters fly! Will you roll a Large Straight with Puck, Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn and Finn? Or will you roll five Rachels? That’s Yahtzee with a Glee twist!

Game comes complete with a custom dice cup, 5 custom dice, score pad, rules and pencil.
Yahtzee: The Three Stooges
$ 19.99 SRP
UPC 700304043986
Play America’s all-time #1 dice game with a slapstick twist! Shake the custom dice featuring Moe, Larry and Curly’s favorite tools in the collectible “Seltzer Bottle” dice cup and let them fly! “Why I oughta!” Will you roll a Large Straight with the Violin, Mallet, Three Stooges logo, Derby hat and Wrench? “Oh. . .a wiseguy, eh?” Or will you roll five Cream Pies? That’s Yahtzee with a Three Stooges twist! “It’s colossal, it’s stupendous, it’s terrific. . .it’s even superlative!"

Game comes complete with a custom “Seltzer Bottle” dice cup, 5 custom dice, score pad, rules and pencil.

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