Friday, October 7, 2011

New Outbreak Books

Coming in November

Outbreak: Undead Animal
$14.99 SRP

This is an huge collection of content from Hunters Books that includes the entire years worth of 'Free Content Friday' for Outbreak: Undead.

It includes additional missions, scenarios, and game aides conveniently tucked into a single manual; re-edited and designed to be easily referenced and sits pleasantly next to your core rulebook of Outbreak: Undead.

So whether you have you've been enjoying Free Content Friday all year, or are beating yourself up because you missed that one edition; it is all here for you now, only through Hunters Books!

Outbreak: Wild Kingdom
$39.99 SRP

A new supplement for the Zombie Survival RPG “Outbreak: Undead”, Wild Kingdom showcases the wilder side of the zombie apocalypse.

With a focus on wilderness survival, one can't ignore the question “What if it was the animals there were infected? Not us?” Now is your chance to find out! Wild Kingdom includes: An expanded Bestiary with in-depth guides for using and creating your own zombie beasts! New Character Types, New Skills, New Equipment, New Strongholds and Stronghold Upgrades. New Missions. Expanded environment rules.

Detailed sample campaign that if you survive will leave you saying "Don't go to the Fair King Zoo!"

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