Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Catalyst Products

Planned for November

$39.95 SRP
UPC 858232002059

In Hex-A-Gon, players jump hexagonal pieces over each other to seize them from the gameboard. During each turn, a player selects any “knight” on the gameboard and jumps them over other knights into open hexes. Any number of jumps into open hexes can be made in a turn, seizing a string of knights that count toward victory at the end of the game. However, be careful, as every move can open an avenue for your opponents to do the same!
•• 1 gameboard
•• 60 large wooden “knight” hexagons
•• 10 small wooden “treasure” hexagons
•• 1 rules booklet

SR: Subterfuge Horizon Adventure 3
$14.99 SRP
UPC 9781934857953

Offers the character statistics, setting information, and plot points needed for gamemasters to take players on the third in a series of adventures that will continue to show the machinations of the newest megacorporation, Horizon, while also plunging players into the chaos of the Aztlan-Amazonia War. Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

CBT: A Time of War: Companion
$44.99 SRP
UPC 9781934857977

The A Time of War Companion is an advanced rules expansion for A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG. It offers several rules expansions designed specifically to enhance the basic game play experience of A Time of War campaigns, while retaining compatibility with the rest of the core rules line.

CBT: Field Manual: 3085
$34.99 SRP
UPC 9781934857731

Set in the early years after the fall of the Word of Blake and the rise of the Republic of the Sphere, this book is designed to provide players a global view of the post-Jihad universe, and provide a detailed look at the organization and strengths of its newest faction: The Republic of the Sphere.

Provides an “end cap” summary of one of the most epic periods in the history of BattleTech: the Jihad.

Meshes with the recently published  Jihad: The Final Reckoning, which describes the final actions of the war and the birth of The Republic that will influence so many future events.

Meshes with the upcoming Field Manual: 3150 sourcebook, planned to flesh-out the Dark Age Era.

Establishes the post-Jihad setting as a period where role-players and war game campaigns may be set, by providing additional rules and tables for the setting.

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