Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fantasy Flight Miniature Products New Additions

Coming in November

Dust Tactics: Heavy Panzer Walker
$39.95 SRP

New heavy walkers for Dust Tactics bring the big guns! Axis engineers, refusing to be outdone, introduced their Heavy Panzer Walker. With its dual 17.3 cm FpK, the Königs-Luther features raw firepower so terrifying that many enemy tank commanders simply refuse to fight it without support from their mightiest walkers. The Sturm- König provides different tactical advantages and excels at defending troops with Advanced Reactive Fire from its 12.8 cm FlakVierling.

Dust Tactics: Heavy Assault Walker
$39.95 SRP

New heavy walkers for Dust Tactics bring the big guns! Allied forces gain new strength with the Heavy Assault Walker. Support your troops with the Punisher, the heaviest walker the Allies have produced. Its twin 155mm howitzers can pummel even the mightiest walkers. Adhering to the Allies’ traditional strengths, the Fireball packs versatility and lethal close range attacks. Its deadly Napalm Thrower launches can consume nearly any enemy in a single fiery blast.

Tannhauser: Operation Hinansho
$29.95 SRP

Operation: Hinansho is a map supplement for the Tannhäuser board game, introducing new maps, new rules, and a new campaign of exploration, secrets, and espionage. In Operation: Hinansho, players can explore and engage their foes on two exciting maps: the Kitamon Research Base and the Okinawa Crash Site. In addition to the never-before-seen maps, new scenarios and tokens are included to bring more options to existing Tannhäuser campaigns. Operation: Hinansho also includes rules for new circle types and additional equipment. Now, your troops can lock doors behind them, shoot from hidden locations, and even detonate large portions of the map!

Tannhauser: Natalya
$12.95 SRP

A naturally gifted scientist and tinkerer, Natalya is an Epic Hero expansion for Tannhäuser. Having helped Oksana explore the abandoned technologies of Kizhi and worked to improve them, she now serves Oksana and her New Guard as 2nd Lieutenant. Her massive Kostjak Bronka Apparat (KBA) suit offers remarkable protection, while her devastating Volta Lightning Cannon is able to target multiple combatants with a single blast. Natalya comes complete with a sculpted and painted miniature, character sheet, tokens, equipment cards, and a rulebook, which contains rules for including her in your team as well as a unique scenario to test her leadership skills and the resilience of her KBA suit.

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