Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Award Winning GameBrotherZ Coming to ACD!

Ordering Shortly

$ 27.99 SRP
UPC 094922050786

Spuzzle is a fun and easy game where must be the first to finish your 5 puzzles project!

Contains –
1 Game Board
28 Spuzzle Cards
5 sets of puzzle pieces (blue,yellow, purple and red)

$ 27.99 SRP
UPC 094922044969

The goal is to reach the exit before Sweet Little BOO gets upstairs. Who will succeed? Laura, Elliot, Albert, Rose, Alec, or Fixela? Together or by themselves, all your family members can engage in this exciting race! With each roll of the dice, some players will move faster, some will have to step back, others will discover secret passages, but everyone will have fun, and your only wish will be to play again!

Mister Mailman Jr.
$ 27.99 SRP
UPC 094922050779

On foot, by bike or by taxi, travel the neighborhood streets to be the first mailman to deliver all of your 24 letters to their destination! With your family and friends, take part in this thrilling race which is sure to fill you with excitement!

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