Monday, June 4, 2012

New from Troll Lord Games!

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C&C: Rune Lore: The Winter Runes
$ 24.99 SRP

Rune Lore introduces the magical Rune Stones and the Runemark to Castles & Crusades. The rune stones and their accompanying runes are presented for use as both magic items and as spells. Integrating them requires no new rules. The magical stones and runes are usable by any character of any race or class, allowing players to quickly and seamlessly integrate the runemark into their existing games. Spell Casters use them as spells to flesh out their magical grimoires. The spell versions of the runes are slightly more powerful, either in duration or in a affect due to the nature of the magic using class's archetypical abilities. The series of loosely connected adventures in Chapter 3: The Runemark, lends themselves to a highly scripted campaign or as drop in adventures as the Castle Keeper may need. Each adventure is 2-6 pages long and laid out in such a way that they should be playable in a single nights play. CKs may have to flesh out the adventure with smaller jaunts of their own design. Rune Lore offers the game a highly compact, versatile expansion to the C&C game without any noisy rules or cumbersome add on systems. The Rune Lore material offers the CK and player a wide arena for expansion either on their own or with other Runes as detailed by TLG.

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