Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming Soon from Jolly Roger Games!

Coming Soon!

Parsec RPG
$ 20.00 SRP

Parsec is a science-fiction tabletop RPG that sticks close to what is feasible given what we know about the world today - the only big "cheat" is the new technology of faster-than-light travel. The setting is composed of things we can easily imagine in our own future, without any supernatural elements like psionics or magic. It's a simple, versatile game, and you can probably teach the system, create characters and be ready to play in an hour or two the first time you sit down. Through this game, you portray stories of people who are living on Earth or elsewhere in our solar system about 100 years in our future. You tell their stories one scene at a time, focusing on the conflicts they get into, the secrets they know, and what they want most. Meanwhile, around them, neo-feudal corporations and a new world government fight for supremacy on a ravaged Earth while the very first FTL drive-ships change space travel forever. The stories you tell take place in vast post-urban wastelands, the crumbling fringes of great cities, cutting-edge and vibrant city cores or inside vast arcologies - or off-world, on permanent space-stations in orbit around Earth, colonies on Luna or Mars, mining operations in the Asteroid Belt, outposts on Europa or Titan, or on one of the many ships connecting all of them. Whether your character is an urban tribal insurgent or a corporate spy or a space-faring pirate captain, a simple system helps you get your character into interesting conflicts and fight her way out of them.

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