Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming Soon from Coffee Haus Games!

Coming in June!
Mare Balticum
$ 65.00 SRP

In Mare Balticum each player takes the role of a captain of a fleet of fishing boats. Your task is to catch fish in the choppy waters of the Baltic Sea. Which fish should you try for? The noble salmon, delicious cod, schools of herring, or perhaps the flounders deep in the mud? Or maybe forget about the stinking fish business and focus on collecting beautiful Baltic amber from the water? Whatever decision is taken, captains must also deliver goods to appropriate ports and sell them. Whoever most effectively handles the task and makes a fortune before winter comes and freezes the Baltic waters will be the winner!

$ 65.00 SRP

In this fledgling city, things have yet to be built, and opportunities to carve out a commercial empire abound. However, in order to erect the city's largest districts, you'll have to be a shrewd negotiator and a wise spender. Cite includes wood cubes, metal nuggets, pieces of fabric, stones, and more to represent the resources and tiles of different sizes to represent buildings.

Arnhem 44
$ 70.00 SRP

A strategy game reliving the dramatic events of operation Market-Garden in September 1944. A large narrow mapboard represents the area from Eindhoven by Nijmegen to Arnhem. Units are plastic pieces representing infantry, tanks and artillery; 13 important plastic bridges are included. Almost every bridge is a stepping-stone to success. And every bridge can be blown. The purpose of the game is to reach Arnhem and make contact with the British paras. The time frame is restricted and if the Allied player doesn't reach Arnhem on time, the paras are doomed and an easy target for the German elite forces! Arnhem'44 comes with -a large map of holland -about 150 plastic figures such as US tanks, Germans panzers, infantry, artillery and bridges -two sided Bailey bridge tokens (under construction / ready to use) -26 10-sided dice; 12 white, 8 black and 6 green -4 HQ -set of construction tokens -a large range of explosives tokens (value 7 to value 1) -supply tokens -night and day (good weather / bad weather) cards -a set up card / air drop card -a phase overview card / points card

$ 60.00 SRP

We are in the early XXth century, but the world is not as we know it. In 1895, exploring Amazonia, Auguste Copperpot discovered a gate to a lost valley, occupied by a primitive civilization. Wiraqocha Valley was the name he gave to this remote Eden. This world enclosed a treasure that was going to revolutionize modern sciences, namely the Somnium, an orange luminescent crystal showing amazing properties. It can be used as fuel, affects matter and even time. Immediately, this virgin land became a new Eldorado for European colonists. Empress Victoria II decided to send several conglomerates to share this promised land and reap the fruits to her benefit. Zeppelin fleet, full of scientists, adventurers and looters, clouded the Atlantic sky. Wiraqocha Valley is represented by an adjustable board consisting of 22 hexagonal tiles, each of them being identified by a number from 1 to 12, or a dice combo (pairs or straights). In his turn, each player rolls some six-sided dice, combining them to take possession of territories, or to protect from the opponents the ones he already owns. Every hexagon affords resources or special capacities, which are means to influence die results to fit one’s strategy. There are three ways to win: bring back a huge cargo of Somnium to the Empress; acquire enough scientific knowledge to build the Leviathan, a terrifying weapon serving the Kingdom; or find in the temple depths the four relics that will allow you to reach Wiraqocha’s treasure.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
$ 28.00 SRP

What the hell are monkeys doing in your living room? Who will get the most bananas? A primitive mime game, made of bizarre and crazy positions Different game modes between adults and children. In Monkey See Monkey Do in each turn a player has to mime something, and all the other players must guess what he/she is miming. By guessing and miming, each player will gain Penitences. Each Penitence will oblige players to assume bizarre positions while performing their following mimes, making the game harder and more fun along the way. The objective is simple: collect as many Penitences as possible, before the mimes are over.

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