Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coming Soon from Lock n Load!

Coming Soon!

LnL: Honneur et Patrie
$ 32.99 SRP

Honneur & Patrie (Honor and Fatherland) is the first expansion for Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of the Gap. The expansion introduces the French army into the third war to end all wars. Highlighting the fighting in not only West Germany, but also right into Paris, Honneur & Patrie features French conscripts, the Foreign Legion, Paratroopers, and lots of tanks. You’ll match AMX30 B-2 tanks against the best Russian armor, direct Jaguar airstrikes, and recon enemy positions with ERC-90 and AMX 10RC armored cars (tanks?). The expansion includes 12, story-driven scenarios and plays out on the boards of the popular Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg. With a plethora of new counters, new scenarios, and a unique perspective on some of the most beautiful boards ever drawn for the Lock ‘n Load system, what’s not to like?

WAW: Into the Breach
$ 47.00 SRP

World at War seems to have everything. There are Cubans with SU-100s, South Africans with Oliphants, French AMX B-2s, T-80s with different armor factors, and a designer who seemingly ignores logic, but there is one thing that World at War is missing. That one thing is LOTS of American tanks. Into the Breach cures that. This expansion to The Untold Stories explores the Yank’s battle on the front line in the first days of the war. Now you get to fight with lots of Abrams, Bradleys, infantry, and even Sheridans. On the flip side of the tank, you’ll fight a mass of Soviets and Polish armor. It’s great big fun, with some great big scenarios. There are 12 of them to be exact (unless you order the upgraded version with an additional eight scenario campaign), including an East German counterattack, West Germans on defense, and Americans defending in depth, screening main forces, attacking, and counterattacking.

WAW: Everyone Dies in the End (novel)
$ 15.99 SRP

In an America ravaged by nuclear weapons, life continues. It is not, however, the life that existed before. Enticed by humanity on the brink of destruction, vampires, witches, and beings whose powers defy simplistic descriptions, roam the post apocalyptic landscape. Against this backdrop of destruction, four travelers fight through the remnants of invading armies, cannibalistic survivors, and soulless vampires, to reach one of the few cities in which civilization still stands, Philadelphia. Dusty: The young woman, who only now has discovered the power within her, looks for her mysterious lost lover. Todd: A man, who welcomed the apocalypse, strives to protect his companions while guarding his guilty secret. Tarah: On her cheek a pentagram and in her heart a desire to do good, but will she learn to fight for herself before the surrounding evil kills her and everything she loves? Artemis: He had never lived for anything more than his video games, but now he must survive in a world where the monsters are far to real. Philadelphia waits, ruled by a malevolent dictator who has enslaved human and vampire alike, a dictator that uses a private army and his enslaved vampires to met out frontier justice and grow his darkly expanding power. Will the dictator also enslave the travelers and murder the sole remaining free vampire? Will good triumph over evil, or will everyone simply die in the end?

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