Friday, June 22, 2012

New from GMT Games!

Releasing in June!

Red Winter
$ 50.00 SRP

Red Winter is the first in a proposed series of games covering battles of the 1939 Russo-Finnish Winter War and World War II at a rarely gamed scale: company sized combat units and 90 minute game turns. The Winter War games of the series will be characterized by highly fluid frontlines, wild flanking maneuvers by night, Finnish night raids, and a low unit density across a wide and shifting front. In Red Winter, players assume the roles of the Soviet and Finnish commanders during the unusual battle for Tolvaj√§rvi, Finland, controlling the actions of Finnish ski infantry, Soviet tanks and heavy machine gun companies, mortars, anti-tank guns, and other combat units. The game map is populated by forest, suo (wetlands), small Finnish settlements, and a network of crude roads and trails. However, the dominant feature of the map is a system of sprawling, frozen lakes. Combat units can very often gain favorable positions by crossing these lakes, but they do so at considerable risk…Units caught out on the ice make very inviting targets!

Next War: Korea
$ 85.00 SRP

In Next War: Korea, the Korean Peninsula is on fire with two of the world's most well-prepared, antagonistic forces arrayed against each other. Can you, as the North Korean People’s Army commander, conquer the South in 3 weeks before the full might of the U.S. can be brought to bear? Can you, as the Republic of Korea’s Army commander, hold out against the renewed Communist assault until help arrives? And what will China do? There’s only one way to find out Next War: Korea, the first of a planned series of Next War games, allows players to fight a near future war on the Korean peninsula. In this updated and improved version of the previously-released Crisis: Korea 1995, players have access to virtually all military assets of North and South Korea, as well as large forces from the USA and the PRC. The integrated, easy to learn air-land combat system allows for unit efficiency, armor effects, light infantry, attack helicopters, Close Air Support, Cruise Missiles, and the particularly tough terrain of Korea.

Coming in July!

$ 50.00 SRP

Reds! is a two-player wargame covering the Russian Civil War. This game covers the dramatic events from August 1918 to the start of 1921, when the last organized opposition to Red rule outside the Far East was destroyed. The single large-hex map stretches from Warsaw in the west to Omsk in the east and from Murmansk in the north to Tashkent in the south. Players maneuver a colorful array of combat units representing various White factions, Anarchists, Nationalists, Alied Intervention Forces, the two divisions of the Czech Legion, and six Polish armies. To model the chaos of this war, the sequence of play is based upon random chit pull that determines the order of activation of each White faction or six Red Army Front commands. The game also includes TWO random event tables: one for each side. Reds! is a true player's game. It is also a realistic depiction of some of the most titanic and unusual campaigns of modern history.

Ardennes 44: The Battle of the Bulge
$ 55.00 SRP

Ardennes '44 covers the Battle of the Bulge from December 16th to December 26th. The scale is regimental and battalion units, 1.6 miles to the hex, 12 hours per turn. The maps cover the entire Ardennes from the Our River to the Meuse. There is a short scenario included that covers 16am to 19pm that uses only one map, and a new 19-26 December scenario has been added using both maps. Special Rules include: Night turns, Determined Defense/Attack Options, Armor ratings, Corps level artillery, Engineer Teams, Delay Points and Roadblocks, Traffic Jams, Variable Bridge Demolition and Construction, Disengagement, Von Der Heydte's parachute battalion, and Skorzeny's 150 Panzer Brigade.

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