Thursday, June 14, 2012

New from Mongoose Publishing!

Coming in July!

Traveller/2300AD The French Arm
$ 24.99 SRP

Boasting the largest number of colonies and settled planets in human space, the French Arm has long been the pre-eminent thrust of colonisation for Earth's most powerful nation and her allies. Now these long-settled worlds are stifling under the reign of distant overlords and the promise of independence, and freedom, beckons. To add to these challenges, a hostile alien force is testing human defences, having already invaded one distant colony world. Will the struggling worlds of the French meet these challenges, or will they succumb to invasion or anarchy? The French Arm Sourcebook contains details of all the settled worlds of the French Arm, including details on the various colonies. This book also includes information on many of the outposts dotting the uninhabited expanses between the settled worlds, including the Bessieres industrial outpost, the Exegenesis habitat at C1 and several others. Along with information on the worlds of the Arm, this book also includes the material formerly published by Game Designer's Workshop in ‘Ships of the French Arm’, revised and updated for this new edition. New starships include those of the alien Kaefers and Pentapods. A section on the services, organisations and corporations common to the French Arm help to round out this book.

Traveller: Alien Module 6: Droyne
$ 39.99 SRP

The latest in the Alien Module series, this book details the Droyne. From their home world to their careers and technology, within you will find all of the information needed for the use of Droyne as both Player and Non-Player Characters.

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