Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Angry Birds Products

Arriving Shortly

Angry Birds: Magnetic Playset
$10.00 SRP

Design your own levels and get all the Pigs! Play Angry Birds on the door of your fridge with the Angry Birds Magnetic Playset!

Includes two sheets of magnets Includes birds, pigs, and obstacles. Also includes playboard to design your own levels.

*Notes: This item does not make sound

Angry Birds: Mighty Eagle
$100.00 SRP

Mighty Eagle JUMBO Size Plush – 16” Limited Edition

Angry Birds: 5" with Xmas Hat - NO SOUND
$10.00 SRP
Angry Birds: 8" with Xmas Hat - NO SOUND
$16.00 SRP

Now your favorite Angry Birds characters are available wearing Christmas Holiday Stocking Hats!!!
A must for every Angry Birds fan!!! Angry Birds in the #1 download app with over 350 million downloads to date. Collect them all!!!
Selection will be made on a random basis.  No specific figure can be guaranteed to be packed.

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