Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ACD Adds New Game from Essen

Arriving This Month

Warriors & Traders
$69.95 SRP

Warriors & Traders is a game of pure strategy, meaning that there is no luck involved, no dice, no unforeseen events- it is just you against your opponents, starting with the same armies and resources. It is only up to you to outwit them.

Warriors & Traders is a game where one has to plan ahead, to develop a strategy to defeat the others or buy out their good will. The universe of Warriors & Traders is set in the Dark Ages of Europe and you will choose a country to grow into a great empire. You will raise large armies to battle your enemies, develop your economy and trade for resources, all for one final purpose, the final victory. There are a lot of interactions between players; you can negotiate with your gaming partners during the trade phase, discuss your plans and strategies, declare war and settle for peace.

It's a game where promises are made and broken, where you can play in a powerful alliance or face everyone on your own and enjoy every bit of your time.

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