Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Army Painter Products

Coming in August

Battlefields XP: Wilderness Tuft
$5.99 SRP

Colour Primer: Alien Purple
$14.99 SRP

Brush: Most Wanted Wargammer Set
$11.90 SRP

WARGAMER: INSANE DETAIL Made from the purest Rotmarder sable hair this is an extremely fine and pointed brush for the ultra small high-lights, facial tattoos or just insane details like coloring the iris of an eye!

WARGAMER: REGIMENT The Rotmarder sable hairs on this brush and its considerable size makes the Regiment brush spectacular for speedpainting big swathes of troops. The sharp tip makes basecoating with this brush really easy and fast.

WARGAMER: SMALL DRYBRUSH This is a very popular brush and this innovative drybrush has a 43 degree angle cut to make is no less than perfect for drybrushing small areas of a model, like chainmail or a weapon.

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