Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Deckbuilding Game from Cryptozoic

August 23rd Release Date
Penny Arcade Deckbuilding Game
$44.99 SRP

2-6 Players
Ages 15+
Playtime 30 Minutes

Welcome to the world of Penny Arcade, the top web comic for all things gaming. So, it’s only fitting that Penny Arcade gets its own deckbuilding game. Players will select cards from a communal pool. You’ve followed the way of the warrior, the story of the Cardboard Tube Samurai. You too wept with Charles over the lack of Halo on the Macintosh. Now rally them together to build your perfect deck.

Players will take from a shared group of cards representing icons from the Penny Arcade world, each character possessing a unique power. Draw from your deck and play out those familiar faces, using their powers to add new characters to your deck. Earn victory points and defeat your opponents.

* Retailers - there is currently a promotion associated with this product, please contact your rep for details*

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