Monday, July 16, 2012

New Standalone Expansion to Ascension from Gary Games!

Coming in September!

Ascension: Immortal Heroes
$ 29.99 SRP

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is designed to be a 2-player standalone game in addition to being an expansion for Ascension: Storm of Souls to play with up to 6 players! The 69 new center deck cards feature tons of new Events and Trophy monsters introduced in Storm of Souls, as well as all new cards for every faction. In addition, players will be able to tap into the power of Soul Gems - trapped souls of heroes from the past.
Contents -164 Cards, Including: -69 New Center Deck Cards -40 Soul Gem Cards - 2 Personal Starting Decks, Each containing 8 Apprentice and 2 Militia cards -35 “Always available” cards (1 Cultist, 2 Fanatics, 16 Mystics and 16 Heavy Infantry) -30 Deluxe Honor Tokens -Full-Color Rulebook -Storage Tray

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