Saturday, July 14, 2012

New from Continuum Games!

Expected in August!

$ 24.99 SRP

Have you ever heard a word that “triggered” you to sing a song? If so, then YOU are Spontuneous! One player says a word and the race is on for the others to sing a song containing that word. Don’t worry thought, talent is NOT required for this award winning, interactive party game! Ages: 9 and up | 4-10 players

Codigo Cube
$ 9.99 SRP

Codigo Cube -The Breakout Game of 2012! Codigo Cube is the web-enabled play anytime, play anywhere trivia game that you play using the QR Code Cube, the camera on your Smartphone, and a FREE App. Simply roll the Codigo Cube (each side represents a trivia category), scan the QR code with your Smartphone, and answer the question that comes up. If you answer correctly, you re-roll. If you get it wrong, pass the cube to the next player. The first person to get one question correct from all six categories wins! The game is simple to learn, fast to play and extremely portable. Trivia questions are continually updated.

Farkel Party
$ 21.50 SRP

Farkel Party game tin comes with all you need for a great game party time. The game can be played with each person having their dice cup and dice, or set up multiple tables with a dice cup and dice for each table.

Farkel Set w/ Dice Rolling Tray
$ 21.99 SRP

Farkel Game Set with Dice Rolling Tray – includes a deluxe dice tray with scoring combinations printed into the center felt cloth. Dice tray works wonders keeping those great rolls on the table and off the floor. Farkel Game set includes easy-to-understand instructions, 40 sheet score pad and two sets of jumbo 16 mm dice (6 black dice and 6 white dice; 19mm size – approximately 3/4 inch.)

Twisted Farkel
$ 11.99 SRP

Twisted Farkel is sure to excite all Farkel fans and draw even more newcomers to the game. In this exciting version the points one player rolls are not his/hers to keep. The Determinator Die passes the final score for a given turn to players on your left or right. Additionally, unlike regular Farkel, players go out of the game once they reach 10,000 points. The winner is the remaining player with less than 10,000 points. With TWISTED Farkel, passing HIGH scores to your neighbor is the object of the game. When a player FARKELS, (i.e. score no points) their fellow players benefit.

Spicy Farkel
$ 11.99 SRP

Spicy Farkel – Add some spice to your game collection with Spicy Farkel! In this edition from the popular Farkel family, the six spicy dice are full-size (16mm), and each has one face with red pips that double your score-and your risk!

Classic Farkel
$ 9.99 SRP

SIX-DICE CLASSIC FARKEL includes standard-sized 16mm dice, game instructions and a 20-sheet score pad packed in a twist-top unbreakable game container that’s padded inside so it can be used as a dice-rolling cup.

Count Your Chickens
$ 15.99 SRP

A cooperative game where players work together as a team against a common obstacle, not against each other. Count Your Chickens! Is a counting game with pluck. The baby chicks have flown the coop! Players help Mother Hen collect her chicks and bring them back to the coop. Spin and move, count the number of spaces, and collect that number of chicks. Take turns but work together. Collect all the chicks and everyone wins!

Feed the Woozle
$ 19.99 SRP

Feed the Woozle™ – A Game of Silly Snacks and Mixed-up Moves! Chocolate-covered flies and hairy pickles? Yummy! The big–mouth Woozle is hungry. Can you feed him 12 silly snacks from the spoon before all the snacks are gone? Play together, work together, and have some monstrous fun!

Pocket Farkel - Green
$ 6.50 SRP

Farkel is listed as one of the best dice games in the world and The Original Pocket Farkel is fast becoming the game of choice for American families! Pocket Farkel is a high score, family game played with six dice. It takes about 2 minutes to learn and goes anywhere.

Pocket Farkel - Blue
$ 6.50 SRP

Pocket Farkel - Purple
$ 6.50 SRP

Pocket Farkel - Red
$ 6.50 SRP

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