Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New from Atomic Overmind Press!

Releasing in August!

Unhallowed Necropolis
$ 36.95 SRP

London sits at the heart of a vast and haunted empire. Within its sprawling fortifications, its teeming population lives alongside the spirits of the discarnate dead. Now, science has pierced the veil separating mortal man from death’s other kingdom. The mysteries of the hereafter stand ready to be revealed, but not all of the restless dead are willing participants. And the living, too, possess their own secrets. The deranged and traumatized inhabitants of the city manifest psychical abilities of a frightening magnitude. The asylums of the metropolis have become vast warehouses for the criminally insane, powder kegs of psychical energy in which human time bombs tick toward inevitable detonation. Unhallowed Necropolis details the secret history of the supernormal and introduces ghosts, psychics, and mediums to the Neo-Victorian World. Unhallowed Necropolis™ is the supernormal source book for Unhallowed Metropolis™ Revised, the gas-mask chic role-playing game of Neo-Victorian horror. Within its pages you’ll find… Complete rules for volatile psychics and the spectral entities that haunt the Unhallowed Metropolis™ Five new Callings—Alienist, Exorcist, Medium, Parapsychologist, and Psychic. The wonders of aether technology, new Qualities & Impediments, and much more

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