Thursday, July 5, 2012

New from Asmodee Editions!

Releasing in July!

Fame Us
$ 19.99 SRP

Hummmm…. Non-American, Popular With Your Parents, Blond, DJ/VJ… Can you guess who I am? If not you better be able to bluff your way out of it! Test your skill at identifying a famous person or character based on the descriptions given on the cards. You’re stumped? No problem! Just don’t get caught! In this fun “bluffing” party game, players play Description cards to define characters – real or fictional. Be careful when you call the other players bluffs as they may be your “secret” Divas or Celebs teammate… may even be able to name a real character. The box contains: 240 Description cards; 20 blank Description cards; 8 Team cards; 1 hourglass; and 1 rule book.

$ 14.99 SRP

It's the great flood! Assemble a variety of species on board small boats to transport them to the Ark, as they are being awaited before casting off. But beware! The ships can accommodate only a limited number of animals before capsizing! It will also take into account the sex of your animals, because a boat will be counting only species of the same sex, or pairs of animals (equal male / female). The box contains: The game box contains 1 tray, 1 Noah token, 5 scoring tokens, 55 cards and a rulebook

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