Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Memory Games from USAopoly

Coming in May

Memory: Nintendo: Super Mario
$14.99 SRP

Power-Up the World’s most popular matching game – MEMORY! Challenge yourself to the classic game of Memory with a Super Mario™ twist.

Turn over cards and find their match. Pick up an Item Card to add more fun and challenge. The player with the most matches wins! Game includes: 52 Character Cards, 20 Item Cards and Rules.

Memory: Civil War
$14.99 SRP

The Civil War 150th Anniversary Edition of Memory Challenge enhances the world’s most popular matching game creating an opportunity for Civil War buffs to engage in battle and relive one of the most significant wars in American history.

Players match over 100 picture cards featuring historical portraits and depictions of Civil War leaders, battles, flags, uniforms and weapons. All new Recruitment cards allow players to choose their allegiance to the Union or Confederacy and earn extra points for matching their leaders and battlefield victories. Strategic Maneuver cards give players a military advantage by authorizing them to confiscate matches and peek at more cards. As players match their way to victory, they can learn all about the American Civil War with historical information about the leaders, battles and weapons included in the game.

It’s classic Memory game play with an all new strategic, interactive twist.

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