Monday, September 3, 2012

New from Gryphon Games!

 Releasing in September!

$ 14.99 SRP

A game to play ‘til the cows come home! Designer Richard Borg has given us many games but is best known for his “Commands & Colors System” of games like: Battle Cry, Memoir ’44 and BattleLore. Liars Dice (aka Bluff) won the Spiel des Jahres in 1993. Now for a change of pace, he gives us Cowtown …. Yeehaw! All the cows have left the nearby ranches and headed down to Cowtown for a little ‘cow’-rousing. But things have gotten out of hoof and now you cowpokes need to get these herding heavies back in line. You’ll need to make the right moooves to corral these cows before udder madness prevails in Cowtown. The object of Cowtown is to have the most scorecows when the game ends. In general, you gain the most scorecows by being the first player each round to get rid of your cards. Players get rid of cards by playing cards numbered one higher than the card face up on any stack. If the card is the same color, the play is safe; but if it's not, it is a “bullish play”. A “bullish play” means that the player must turn the top card on the draw deck face up onto the discard pile. If the revealed card has a red Bull's Eye, that player must draw a card. Players may also play multiples of the same numbered cards, called a “Horn-to-Tail Sequence”, or multiples of the same numbered cards, called a “Stampede”, in order to reduce their hand size even faster!

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