Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Bible Edition Games from Cactus Game Design!

Coming in October!

Cranium Bible Edition Game
$ 30.00 SRP

Contents: Inside the heavy box you will find the instructions, a game board, a sand timer, 2 six-sided dice, 4 pawns, 4 pencils, 4 pads of paper, and 5 question card boxes one for each different category. Rules: Players are divided into teams and on their turn they roll the dice. Based on the space they land on they have to complete an activity in the indicated category within the time dictated by the sand timer. The categories include Word Puzzles, Charades, Drawing, Christian Music Trivia, and Bible Trivia. If you successfully complete the task you get to stay on the space you landed on. If you fail you have to return to the space you came from. There are also special spaces that can advance you extra spaces or bump you backwards, and spaces that allow your team an extra turn if they are successful in their task. When a team reaches the final space they must display a unique gift or talent they possess either as a team or as individuals. The gifts must be acted out to the other teams and you must explain why you can be a better Christian because of this unique talent. If each team member shows a gift or talent the game is over and this team wins.

Scrabble Bible Edition Game
$ 25.00 SRP

America's favorite game is now offered in a Bible version. Celebrate your favorite stories from the Bible as you play round after round of America's favorite word game! The Bible Edition of Scrabble includes a customized 50 word bonus dictionary, new Bible rules and a specially designed board game. No two games will be alike as you draw on your Biblical knowledge to spell unique words with spiritual significance! Contents: 1 Custom Game Board 4 Racks 100 Tiles 1 Letter Bag Instructions with Bonus Word List Ages 8 - 15 Players 2 - 4

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