Friday, September 28, 2012

New from SmartZone!

Coming Soon!

Hands On
$ 10.00 SRP

Ready, Set, Go! Nimble hands and sharp eyes will lead to victory! An action packed and fun-filled game. Great for the entire family. The moment a card is drawn, quickly imitate the card hands pattern. The last one is the loser! Be aware of any illogical hand combinations. Up to 8 players and even more. Can also be played in pairs. 64 decorated cards in a well designed card sized package

Cobra Twist
$ 24.95 SRP

A 3 Dimensional logic game that combines the classic Cobra Cubes with various challenge boards. Place the cubes on the boards to create 3D snakes that will keep you rattling for hours! Follow the clues on the challenge boards, and place the cubes accordingly Develops 3 dimensional logical and spatial vision 4 cobra cubes, 40 challenges, 1 base line card, 1 rules and solution booklet.

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