Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Negotiation Game from Stronghold Games!

Expected in October!

Article 27
$ 49.95 SRP

Your country has chosen you to protect their interests. If that means you have to bend the rules a little bit, well that’s just the cost of justice, right? In Article 27, you assume the role of one of the members of the UN Security Council, which means you wield the power of the veto. No proposal can pass when a member uses their veto, so there had better be something in the deal for you! Negotiations on the proposals can include side-deals, threats, or outright influence-peddling! But once the gavel comes down it’s time to vote, so you better have greased all the right palms with influence or your proposal is sunk! Article 27 requires no knowledge of politics or the UN to enjoy. If you like negotiation games, you’ll love Article 27!

Sales Points:
• An easy to play, pure negotiation game
• Very fast paced, plays in ~6 minutes per player
• Awesome components including a huge game board, thick cardboard player mat and player screens, 100s of wood and cardboard tokens, and a real wooden gavel!
• Beautiful, colorful and funny cartoony artwork
• No knowledge of politics or the UN is required at all!

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