Thursday, September 22, 2011

New from Bezier

October 17th Street Date

Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts
$12.99 SRP

Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts is a brand new expansion to the award-winning Ultimate Werewolf party game.

With this expansion, players will each receive a unique artifact that grants them a special, public ability that they may use during the game. No more "Rats, I'm just a villager" again!

Artifacts adds a whole new layer of gameplay to make your Ultimate Werewolf games more fun for everyone!

$12.99 SRP

Let's be honest. It *is* all about who wins or loses, regardless if your so-called friends quote that silly line about "how you play the game." And when your game ends in a tie, it's like you just wasted the last hour of your life. Nobody wins, which means everybody loses.

TieBreaker is exactly what you need to prevent this from happening ever again! Whether you're playing a speedy round of Tic-Tac-Toe, a day-long strategy duel of Through the Ages, or even a quick game of Scrabble with your mother-in-law, TieBreaker allows you to rejoice in your well-deserved victory!

Steam/Age of Steam: Australia & Tasmania
$24.99 SRP

This full color mounted Steam and Age of Steam expansion contains two maps located Down Under.

Build railways across the uninhabitable Outback and through mysterious Tasmania. In Australia, quickly build along the expensive regions of the East Coast and find a way to reach the cities in the west, which will pay more for goods delivered to them.

Tasmania requires you to build an efficient distribution system for all of its towns and cities as goods are shuttled in from the mainland.

Steam/Age of Steam: Africa Mines & Taiwan
$24.99 SRP

Harness the power of railroads to dig up diamonds and produce much sought after wooden cubes.

African Diamond Mines has you setting up a mining railroad deep underground to access valuable diamonds with a new depth counter that adds an additional level of strategy.

Ramp up production with Taiwan Cube Factories, as you combine resources to produce new ones to keep the new infrastructure in Taiwan booming.

Steam/Age of Steam: Outer Space & Revers
$24.99 SRP

Two out of this world maps challenge your railroad building and delivering prowess.

Outer Space requires "straight on" deliveries to ensure you don't shoot right by your destination, as well as a handy set of wormholes to get your goods across the galaxy quickly.

Things are quite different in Reversteam, where not only has the traditional "great lakes" area been altered, but the cities want every kind of good except for their color.

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