Thursday, October 17, 2013

New from Pokemon America! Pokemon: 2013 World Championship Deck!

Coming Soon!

Pokémon: 2013 World Championship Deck
$12.99 SRP

Don’t miss your chance to stock your shelves with some of the world’s greatest Pokémon TCG decks! Players can experience the thrill of competing like Master Trainers every time they open a Pokémon TCG 2013 World Championships Deck.

There are 4 powerful decks, each one a card for card replica of an actual title contender’s deck from the 2013 World Championships! Learn winning strategies from a selection of the best players in the game and start making your own plans for the 2014 World Championships!

Pokémon TCG World Championship Deck Contains:
·         60 card Deck (cards have a unique card back and are not tournament legal)
·         2013 World Championship Booklet
·         2013 World Championships Deck box
·         A special 2013 World Championships Pin

Displays contain a random assortment of the four different decks.

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