Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New from Mantic Games! Deadzone: Contagion!

Coming in October!

Deadzone: Contagion
$89.99 SRP

Deadzone: Contagion is a dynamic tabletop miniatures skirmish game set in the distant sci-fi universe of Warpath in which two players take command of a crack team of upgradable elite troopers from one of four factions including powerful heroes, troopers, heavy weapons and specialists.

With the Deadzone: Contagion box, players take control of either the stalwart Enforcers or the horrific Plague, battling it out over scarce resources by combining deadly actions and an innovate Battle Card deck to lethal effect. Shoot to kill or claw your way through flesh as it doesn't matter how many should die in this urban landscape so long as players achieve their objectives.

All of this is set against a sci-fi backdrop brought to life using a grid-based gaming mat depicting the urban warzone that can be built up using Barricades and Buildings from the new modular Mantic Scenery Range, adding a vertical dimension to your games. No two games need ever be the same!

This set includes two elite squads of finely detailed Mantic miniatures, a high quality urban gaming mat and enough scenery tiles and barricades to create a modular 3D gaming environment. This set also includes all the rules, dice and counters you need to play.

1 x Full Color A4 Rulebook               12 x Enforcer Miniatures
11 x Plague Miniatures                       1 x Enforcer Card Deck
1 x Plague Card Deck                         1 x rubber Urban Gaming Mat
28 modular plastic Scenery Tiles        8 plastic Barricades
1 plastic Accessory Sprue                   1 plastic 48 Piece Connector Sprue
100 Deadzone Counters                      6 D8s

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