Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New from HC&D Supplies! Deck Protectors and Eight Foot Long Table Art Mats!

Coming Soon!

These eight feet long quality printed Table Mats offer you the opportunity to add a new level of design to your hobby shop or favorite playing area!
Or, if you prefer, create your own artwork with the White Sketch Table Mat and leave your mark for all to see!

Made from the same durable material as HC&D standard art play mats,
Table Mats allow your gamers to play more comfortably while adding a dash of style to your establishment.

8’ x 2.5’ (96’ x 30’) dimensions

Art Table Mat: Steampunk Mage
$89.99 SRP

Art Table Mat: Daughter of Death
$89.99 SRP

Art Table Mat: Life and Death
$89.99 SRP

Table Mat: Sketch Mat
$59.99 SRP

DP: Small “Penny” (100)
$1.49 SRP

PVC Free-Acid Free.

DP: Precise Inner-Fit Standard (100)
$2.49 SRP

Standard sized sleeves.
The thinnest protection for your deck.
PVC Free-Acid Free.

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