Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Games from Fantasy Flight!

Releasing in December! 

Blood Bowl Team Manager: Sudden Death
$ 24.95 SRP

Sudden Death is a bone-breaking, pulse-pounding expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game that brings three new teams, new Contract payouts, new enchanted balls, and more! Enhance existing teams with additional Staff Upgrade and Team Upgrade Cards, then take the competition to new heights with never-before-seen Highlights and Spike! Magazine Cards. Meanwhile, all-new mechanics like enchanted balls and contracts provide a variety of new strategies. With all this, the Sudden Death expansion is sure to raise your spirits...and maybe a few others.

Key Selling Points • An expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game • Introduces three new teams: Dark Elves, Undead, and Vampires • Mechanics like enchanted balls and contracts offer new strategic options

The Hobbit Card Game
$ 9.95 SRP

Relive the epic tale of Bilbo’s adventures in Middle-earth with The Hobbit Card Game, Martin Wallace’s fast-paced, standalone, trick-taking card game for 2-5 players. Win tricks and use the cards you’ve won to deal damage to opponents, or heal allies and help them with extra cards. Fight the forces of evil as Gandalf, Thorin, or Bilbo, or smash the hopes of the heroes as Smaug or Bolg, the goblin leader.

Key Selling Points • A trick-taking card game by Martin Wallace, based on The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien • Deal
damage to enemies and heal your allies with the cards won in a hand • Note: This standalone product is not associated with The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Runewars Revised Edition
$ 79.95 SRP

Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires for two to four players. Designed by Corey Konieczka, Runewars pits players against each other in a strategic game of battles and area control, where they must gather resources, raise armies, and lay siege to heavily fortified cities. The revised edition of Runewars comes in a more compact box, with certain production changes to provide an added value over the original edition.

Key Selling Points • A revised edition of Runewars, Corey Konieczka’s fantasy empire-building board game • Comes in a more compact box than the previous edition, and at a lower price • Physical changes are as follows: there plastic mountains have been removed, and the faction sheets are card stock rather than punchboard • New rules incorporate errata and include a number of subtle changes, but will be made available online for players of the previous edition

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