Sunday, November 11, 2012

New RPG and Books from Fantasy Flight Games!

Coming in December! 

Black Crusade: The Tome of Blood
$ 39.95 SRP

The Tome of Blood, a supplement for Black Crusade, is the second of four books delving into the darkest secrets of the Ruinous Powers. It is devoted to Khorne, the Lord of Skulls, perhaps mightiest of the Chaos Gods, and his powerful minions who carry his blood-drenched banner across the worlds of the Screaming Vortex. Within its pages, Heretics gain terrible new armaments and weapons to wage war, new devices to carry their wrath across the battlefield, and more to aid them in their struggles against the hated Imperium!

Key Selling Points • A supplement for Black Crusade that focuses on the Chaos God Khorne • Features new weapons and other wargear for followers of the Blood God • Includes four new Heretic Archetypes • The included adventure sends Heretics to the deadly wastelands of Messia

Rogue Trader: Stars of Inequity
$ 39.95 SRP

Stars of Inequity, a supplement for Rogue Trader, is a detailed resource that focuses on the perilous worlds of the Koronus Expanse. Game Masters can create their own new realms with the World Generator, a system designed to craft unique planets filled with terrible risks and unmatched potential for profit. Players can brave the dangers of planetside missions, and with the Colony Creation rules, your group can construct, expand, and control its own outposts on the lost and forgotten worlds of the Expanse!

Key Selling Points • A supplement for Rogue Trader, a Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game • Focuses on perilous destinations in the Koronus Expanse, with rules for planetside missions • Features World Generator and Colony Creation rules to help GMs create their own settings

Android: Mimic (novel)
$ 8.99 SRP

Mimic is the second novel in The Identity Trilogy by Mel Odom, and it’s set in the dystopian near-future of Android. New Angeles Detective Drake 3GI2RC is not your average Bioroid. First, he’s one of the NAPD’s few android cops, and second, he’s haunted by another man’s memories. But even as Drake investigates a very public crime, he must look inward for answers. After all, where does his programming end, and his own personality begin?

Key Selling Points • A 300 page paperback novel set in the dystopian Android universe • The second book in The Identity Trilogy, written by Mel Odom • Follows Bioroid police officer Drake 3GI2RC on his quest for humanity

Fireborn: Ritual of Fire (novel)
$ 8.99 SRP

Ritual of Fire by Jordan Ellinger is the third novel set in the Fireborn universe. When a politician miraculously survives an assassination attempt, MI5 agent Scott Baker, plagued by disturbing visions, begins to suspect a terrifying truth about London’s leaders. Now ex-agent Baker has been branded a fugitive and is hunted by his one-time colleagues, and must seek help from unlikely allies to learn how deep the conspiracy goes.

Key Selling Points • A 300 page paperback novel set in the Fireborn universe • Written by Jordan Ellinger, winner of the Writers of the Future Award • Follow MI5 Agent Baker as he works to uncover a conspiracy and the source of his visions

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