Friday, May 25, 2012

New from Steve Jackson Games!

June 6th Street Date!

Cthulhu Dice
$ 6.95 SRP

The perfect party game for your fellow Cthulhu cultists . . . er, fans. Plays in just a few minutes – even with six players! Cthulhu Dice is a complete game that can be carried in your pocket. Comes in six new colors: Gold Pearl, Sparkly Green, Ice Blue, Ichor Green, Swirly Pink, and Copper. Each case of six has one of each color. Contains one die – a big, beautiful, custom 12-sider – and 18 glass marbles for Sanity.

+6 Bag o Munchkin Level Counters Set 2
$ 9.95 SRP

The newest “+6 Bag” Munchkin game accessory is here! It’s another half-dozen attractive, easy-to-read level counter dials themed to match six of the most popular Munchkin core sets.

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