Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coming in June from Asmodee!

Releasing in June!

Dixit Journey
$ 32.99 SRP

A new and enriched environment where the sky is the limit for creating truly enchanting scenarios. Dixit Journey is a wonderful way to practice your skills at creating unique and subtle clues, while your friends test their abilities to bluff and mislead. A picture is truly worth a thousand words in this beautifully crafted board game that will be enjoyed by all. In each round one person assumes the role of “active player” where they create a clue made up of one or more words or can even be a sound or group of sounds. The other players will then try to mislead everybody by finding a card in their hand that also represents the same clue. Test your skills at correctly finding the solution to the clue…
The box contains: •One scoreboard •84 cards •36 voting tokens in 6 different colors, numbered 1 to 6 •6 game pieces in 6 different colors

$ 59.99 SRP

In this game players represent a merchant family during the Renaissance. Players attempt to balance the need of trading and open commerce versus the cut-throat economic piracy of the day. Players create a fleet of ships to purchase and move various commodities around the Mediterranean while also keeping well manned ships to attack and defend against other player's fleets.

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