Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games!

Coming Soon!

Dust Tactics: SSU Specialists (4)
$ 19.95 SRP

Contains four highly detailed models and tournament-ready unit cards Many of the soldiers of the SSU are experts with rifles and specialize in harassing enemies from concealed locations. Unlike the Axis and Allies, the SSU prefers to field snipers in pairs rather than in tandem with a spotter. The SSU Observer Team allows SSU commanders to use the Artillery Strike ability to activate indirect fire weapons. Containing both the SSU Sniper Team and the SSU Observer Team, the SSU Specialists expansion makes a potent addition to your army. Contains unpainted, primed miniatures.

Dust Tactics: SSU Hero Pack
$ 19.95 SRP

Contains three exquisitely sculpted miniatures and a tournament-ready unit card The SSU, like the other factions, goes to battle under the leadership of inspiring and skilled commanders. Heroes like Nikolaï, Yakov, and Red Yana give the SSU forces an edge in combat. Red Yana has an extraordinary Fighting Spirit, and Nikolaï is a superb Pilot. Meanwhile, Yakov is a Legendary Tactician who can adeptly command any strike force. With the SSU Hero Pack, your army has access to new skills and strategies to win any battle.

Dust Tactics: Allies MCW M3 Tank
$ 29.95 SRP

Features one walker model with parts to build either a Rattler or Cobra variant The Cobra and Rattler Medium Walkers offer the Allies more options for armored support. With its anti-aircraft gun, the Rattler is capable of grounding airborne units. When it is not punishing aircraft, the Rattler unloads a wall of machine gun fire that shreds infantry to pieces. Meanwhile, the Cobra uses its Phaser gun to electrify vehicles and troops alike, causing massive amounts of damage to both. Additionally, this expansion includes parts to give your walker the Amphibious Unit skill. Contains unpainted, primed miniatures.

Dust Tactics: SSU Rifle Squad
$ 19.95 SRP

Features five exquisitely sculpted miniatures and a tournament-ready unit card The SSU Rifle Squad is unique in the fact that its members make use of a mix of Sniper Rifles and machine guns to support their Comrades. The soldiers of the SSU are renowned for their skill with rifles, and they prefer to wield these weapons instead of more traditional assault weapons like Flamethrowers or heavy machine guns. In fact, Rifle Squads are so skilled with their weapons that it is not uncommon for them to take down enemy walkers! Contains unpainted, primed miniatures.

Dust Warfare: Campaign Book Zverograd
$ 19.95 SRP

The Sino-Soviet Union enters Dust Warfare in Campaign Book “Zverograd.” This supplement includes a Platoon List with stats and costs for all of the current SSU units, background information regarding this faction, and rules for the first Dust Warfare campaign. Moreover, Campaign Book “Zverograd” contains several new unit entries for both the Axis and Allies to combat the SSU threat. Field an overwhelming SSU army in Dust Warfare with this tantalizing supplement.

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