Monday, May 14, 2012

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NAW: White Star Rising: Operation Cobra
$ 32.99 SRP

White Star Rising: Operation Cobra is an expansion for the game White Star Rising in the Nations at War series. This expansion focuses on the events surrounding the Allied breakout from the Normandy beachhead over the course of a month in July-August 1944. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra adds the Canadians, the Free French, and the Free Polish to the Nations at War series in addition to new units for the Americans, British, and the Germans. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra comes with nine stand-alone scenarios, focusing on events near Falaise as the Germans tried to escape the converging allied armies. Among the topics are the Polish stand on Mont Ormel Ridge and Canadian efforts to capture the village of St. Lambert-sur-Dives. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra also contains a five scenario linked campaign following the breakout of American armored units during Operation Cobra at the end of July 1944. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra is not a stand-alone game, you will need White Star Rising to play it. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra Includes: -110 3/4” counters and 16 5/8” counters depicting American, British, Canadian, Polish, French, and German units. -9 Stand-alone scenarios. -A 5 scenario linked campaign. -Slid lovingly into a zip lock bag, with a lavishly illustrated cover.

Nuklear Winter 68
$ 49.50 SRP

The former German territory, transformed into a wasteland by the nuclear holocaust that ended the Second World War in 1946, is the hostile setting of a new conflict between old enemies clenched in a struggle for the future of mankind. Surviving Nazi leaders and Wehrmacht forces resurface in 1968 from underground shelters to rebuild an empire from the ashes of the world. Oblivious to the climatic, technological, and political changes inflicted by more than 20 years of nuclear winter, they are about to face the mysterious Black Hand, elusive abhorrent masters of the wastes, and the combined might of the modern, highly mechanized and versatile NATO alliance.

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