Monday, June 20, 2011

New Additions from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming

Coming in July

Luven Lightfinger Gear&Treasure Shop
$18.95 SRP

Part sourcebook, part catalog, Luven Lightfinger's Gear and Treasure Shop is chock full of new items for outfitting your characters. From weapons, armor and trail gear to potions, oils and kits, Luven's shop has it all.

He stocks locally produced goods as well as imports from exotic locales, and he guarantees he'll have at least one item in his inventory that you've never seen before. Interested in purchasing some magic items? Luven keeps his collection of those in the back room.

Always ready to help out a fellow entrepreneur, Luven will even tell you all about his shop and how he set it up. This is a Pathfinder Compatible product.

Albion Armitages Astounding Arsenal
$10.99 SRP

Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal is an action-packed fantasy adventure designed to challenge a party of four to six 8th - 10th level characters.

Information on scaling the adventure for higher or lower level parties is included. Also included are battle maps, NPC stats, two new creatures, and a wide assortment of new magical and mundane weapons and armor.

Phantasia Zoologica, Vol 1. (Pathfinder)
$15.95 SRP

Phantasia Zoologica, Volume I: Cats, Dogs & Horses is a Pathfinder compatible sourcebook that details a wide variety of mundane and magical cats, dogs and horses for your game table.

With 90 different magical and mundane cats, dogs and horses, along with a plethora of equipment and magic items for each type of animal and complete price lists for the purchasing and selling such animals, Phantasia Zoologica Volume I brings more depth and realism to your fantasy roleplaying game.

Strategists & Tacticians (Pathfinder)
$18.95 SRP

Strategists & Tacticians can make any character more versatile with variant class features for all the core classes, a dozen new prestige classes, spells for a variety of spellcasters, and over fifty feats that unlock new abilities and improve existing ones.

New combat maneuvers allow you to throat hostages, sever limbs, choke your enemies, or take advantage of a free off-hand. Give characters a multiclass flavor from 1st level with the Apprentice, a special new one-level base class.

All this and more in the Definitive Guide to Clever Warriors. This is a Pathfinder Compatible product

Tyranny & Manipulation (Pathfinder)
$19.95 SRP

Tyranny & Manipulation: The Advanced Guide to Modifying Monsters by Ryan Costello, Jr. brings all-new templates and additions for monsters in your game. Includes new skills, new spells, new creature sub-types and much, much more!.

This is a Pathfinder Compatible product.

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