Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New from Wiggles 3D! Talat, Finger Tips: People Edition and Robots vs. Dinosaurs!

Coming in June!

$29.99 SRP

Talat is a 3 player strategy game sure to challenge players and reward great play. Talat involves moving towers of three different heights and in three different shapes on three game boards to eliminate opponent’s pieces and gain safety at the other side of the boards. Players play two other opponents simultaneously for a unique game play scenario.
Winner of a Top 10 Spielzeug award in 2012 and Dr. Toys Best 100 award.

Finger Tips People Edition
$9.99 SRP

The fun Finger Tips brand is known for the unique hand-shaped cards used for memory and matching game fun. Now in the new People Edition you can match Fireman and Nurses or fanciful characters including Robots and Pirates.
Finger Tips comes in an attractive and durable hand shaped plastic container for easy portability.
Ages 3-5 years

Robots vs. Dinosaurs
$15.99 SRP

The AVA Dice Series is expanding into the mechanical and prehistoric worlds with the introduction of Robots vs. Dinosaurs. These new factions join the successful Army vs. Aliens and Pirates vs. Ninjas Editions of this fun strategy dice game. The new Robots vs. Dinosaurs set can be played against any of the existing sets for more variety and multi-player fun. With the unique two dice cup closure system, it’s a great travel game.

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