Sunday, May 12, 2013

New from Steve Jackson Games!

Coming in June!

$34.95 SRP

In Castellan, two players work together to build a castle. By linking finely-detailed wall and tower pieces together, you can form courtyards. The player who finishes a courtyard will claim it with a Keep. Your cards determine what pieces you get each turn but you decide where to put them. If you're clever, the pieces played by your opponent can end up scoring for you!

If you combine red/blue and green/yellow Castellan sets, you can play with three or four players.

Munchkin Holiday Surprise
$19.95 SRP

It’s an amazing present for all the good little Munchkins! This set turns any basic Munchkin game into a holiday special so the whole family can kill the monsters and take their stuff!

Compatible with any Munchkin set.

68 holiday-themed cards
Cards from Munchkin: Waiting For Santa
Cards from Munchkin: Santa's Revenge
Cards from Munchkin Reindeer Games
Cards from Munchkin Naughty & Nice
Two Christmas-themed cards from the various Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Boosters: Gift Card (2012), and Stocking Stuffers (2010)
Two Christmas-themed Munchkin Promo Cards: Nativity Scene, Santa's Little Elvis
4 new cards (Regift, Ornaments, Pum-Pa-Pum Rum and House Shoes)
1 pearly red and 1 pearly green six-sided dice
1 unique Kill-OMeter and 1 rule sheet

Munchkin Zombies Decay D6
$6.95 SRP

No these dice are not actually decaying but their gory-red and bone-white theme means they’re gross enough to make you think otherwise.

Munchkin Zombies Decay D6 features six new custom six-sided acrylic dice found nowhere else. Three of them are swirled pearlescent red with pus-yellow pips; three of them are swirled pearlescent ivory with blood-red pips, and all six feature a Munchkin head in place of the one. Your Munchkin fans will want them so they can kill the monsters and take their stuff!

Also includes four exclusive new cards for Munchkin Zombies!

Ogre Dice Set (Red/Blue)
$5.95 SRP

This set features four premium dice as the same kind included in Ogre Designer’s Edition. These are premium 19mm round-cornered acrylic dice with swirled colors. Two are blue with the Paneuropean symbol; two are red with the Combine symbol.

Zombie Dice Score Pad
$3.50 SRP

Each page of the Zombie Dice Score Pad is packed with enough brains for a six player game. Just mark off a brain icon for every brain you score. It's so easy a zombie can do it!

Great for gamers on the go, this handy accessory fits easily inside a Zombie Dice cup. Now you don't need to have space for counters to play a game of Zombie Dice!

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