Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New from Wizards of the Coast!

October 16th Release Date!

D&D: Elminster's Forgotten Realms
$ 39.95 SRP

The FORGOTTEN REALMS is the most popular D&D campaign setting. It has grown and evolved, but this book takes the setting back to its roots and shows the world as it exists in the imagination of its visionary creator. Ed Greenwood gives Realms fans a behind-the-curtain glimpse into the world that he created for his home campaign. Perfect for D&D enthusiasts, this book contains scanned images of Ed Greenwood’s original typed and handwritten notes, manuscripts, and maps, in addition to all new material. This timeless tome is not keyed to any one edition of the D&D game and can inspire players and Dungeon Masters regardless of edition, as well as FORGOTTEN REALMS novel enthusiasts.

D&D: Dungeon
$ 19.99 SRP

Dungeon! ™ is an exciting fantasy board game that provides hours of fun. Play a Fighter, a Rogue, a Cleric, or a Wizard searching for lost treasure in a dungeon filled with monsters. Only your magic, your weapons, and your wits can protect you! Plays like the classic board game with an updated look and feel. Easy-to-learn rules make this game accessible to all members of the family. AGE 8+

Vegas Showdown
$ 50.00 SRP

New Version of the Classic Bestseller Vegas Showdown™ is a refresh printing of the critically acclaimed board game by the renowned designer Henry Stern. This release has been updated with new art and a shiny holofoil box. The gameplay is true to the original. Players compete for dominance of the Las Vegas Strip by using their resources to build the most popular casino in town. Award-Winning Play Experience The original printing was crowned Game of the Year in 2007 by Games magazine. They applauded the design, saying: “The accessible mechanics and random events will appeal to casual players seeking simplicity and an element of chance, but will not discourage serious strategists who relish money management challenges, complex auctions, and different placement tactics on the tense road to victory.” Proven Title Vegas Showdown has stood the test of time as a great game and a new printing has been eagerly awaited by board game enthusiasts. Players familiar with the title, and a brand new audience, will want to pick up this classic. You and a few of your millionaire friends have invested in a plot of land in the heart of Las Vegas. Each of you has one year to plan and build a luxury hotel/casino on the site. Just to make things interesting, you’ve put a little wager on your venture—when the doors open, the builder of the most famous hotel/casino wins ownership of the entire block. Resources are limited, so you’ll have to outbid each other to get the best contractors to work on your project. With the right combination of restaurants, lounges, gaming rooms, and other attractions—along with some well-timed publicity—the jewel of the Entertainment Capital of the World will be yours. 3-5 Players – Time 75 Minutes – Ages 12+ Vegas Showdown

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