Monday, October 8, 2012

New from 5th Street Game!

Coming Soon!

Castle Dash
$ 25.00 SRP

Neighboring kingdoms have recently acquired lots of treasure. Naturally, this means you must lead your troops into battle to take it! How do you know there's treasure to steal? Some of your soldiers were spying for you and got caught sending back news of the windfall. So it looks like you’ll have to rescue your soldiers, too… Be the first player to grab 3 coins from your rivals and you win the Castle Dash! Key Mechanics Worker Placement - Soldiers placed to battle and claim bonuses. Dice-Based Combat - Dice rolled to determine combat and cannon fire.

Crow and the Pitcher
$ 12.00 SRP

A trick taking game based on the Aesop fable, "The Crow and the Pitcher". Players attempt to fill Pitchers by playing Stone cards from their hand. However, the highest card played may not always win...

$ 15.00 SRP

Welcome to the world of competitive farming! Plant and harvest crops such as Sassy Wheat or Wary Squash for big bucks while keeping an eye out for nasty cards like Dustbowl and the Thresher... The player to earn the most money from planting and harvesting crops is the best farmer, and the winner of Farmageddon! Key Mechanics Hand Management - Players must decide what crops to plant and which to use as Fertilizer. Risk Management - Players must wait a full turn before harvesting a planted crop. Is it worth trying to sneak a big crop past your opponents, or should you go small and be left alone?

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