Monday, October 29, 2012

New from Agate Editions!

Releasing in November!

Shadows of Esteren: Book 0 Prologue
$ 29.99 SRP

The Prologue introduces a first journey into the universe of the Shadows of Esteren role-playing game while preparing you for the first season of the official campaign.

It contains:
-An introduction to the universe: discover the leading concepts of the game, as well as a general presentation of the universe.
-A summary of the game system: all the necessary elements for comprehending Shadows of Esteren’s system and playing your first adventures.
-Six sample characters, illustrated and ready to play: the Varigal Yldiane, the fighter Arven, the fugitive Ean, the scholar Liam, the Ionnthén Mòr, and the Blade Knight Urvan.
-Three adventures. The triptych Omens presents three very different scenarios, which are nevertheless linked by the same recurring theme. They are intended for Players and Leaders of all levels. 1. Poison. An ideal adventure to discover Esteren or even make your first steps into role-playing. The village of Melwan is threatened by a poisoning; will you be able to find out its origin and stop it? 2. Loch Varn. Delve into the edges of nightmare in an elaborate adventure with original narrative concepts, and unveil the secrets of Loch Varn’s vale. 3. Red Fall. One person dead and another missing. Investigate in Dearg and have a first look at the vale in which the first episode of the official campaign will be set.

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