Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tactic USA! New Publisher Now Available through ACD Distribution!

Order by Date: January 15, 2018
Release Date: February 2018

Flags of the World
$12.99 SRP

An international, educational board game!

Learn the flags and locations of all the countries in the world with this board game. Players correctly guess which country the flag shown on the card belongs to and keep the cards if their answer is correct. Earn the most flag cards to win the game!

Game can be adapted for various levels of difficulty. Fun for the whole family and perfect for the classroom. 

2-6 players
Ages 8+
20+ minute play time


$49.99 SRP

The most popular outdoor game in Nordic countries!

To play Mölkky, all you need is an outdoor space, a few friends, and a set of Mölkky pins! No physical strength is required: success is based on a combination of chance and throwing accuracy.

Players earn points by tossing the throwing pin. The first player to knock down exactly 50 points wins the game, but be careful not to go over 50 points, or you will go back to 25 points!

2+ players
Ages 6+
15+ minute play time


$29.99 SRP

Tactic is pleased to present a brand new trivia game innovation – iKNOW!

We created iKNOW to introduce a new type of trivia game to the market. A game that is never dominated by one know-it-all, but where every player is involved every turn, and everyone has a chance to win, regardless of how much they know.

iKNOW offers players a unique game experience. The clues lead the players step by step to the right answer. Our unique betting element, based on who answers questions correctly, makes it possible for everyone to win the game without a lot of trivia knowledge. Just make the right guess about how the other players will do, and you’re on your way!

2-6 players
Ages 15+
45+ minute play time

Realm of Wonder

$49.99 SRP

Realm of Wonder is a board game where players fight to save the king and his kingdom or to claim the throne for themselves. Each of the six characters in the game have their own, individual abilities. The rotating board and a wide variety of adventures guarantee a unique game experience. Realm of Wonder radiates magical powers and extraordinary fun. Wisely control them both to win the game! Collect magical items, battle monsters, and navigate the changing board game for an experience like no other! 

2-6 players
Ages 10+
45+ minute play time

Zombie Labyrinth\

$19.99 SRP

Zombie Labyrinth features unique puzzle-like game board pieces that can be rotated in any direction, allowing the game board to take a different shape each game, so that no two Zombie Labyrinth games are ever the same. During the game, players guide their Zombie around the labyrinth and try to hoard the largest collection of brains along the way!

Each brain disc indicates a brain value, but the brain discs are scattered around the board face down. Only the player that collects the brain disc knows it’s value, and everyone’s brain collections remain hidden. Watch out for the mad scientist, he will steal your brain collection and send your zombie back to the start!

If you think that you have the largest collection of brains, race to the finish. The game ends as soon as any player enters the finish space. The player with the most brain points wins the game. 

2-4 players
Ages 5+
15+ minute play time

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